Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Essentials Gift Set


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Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Essentials Gift Set

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle is the most natural way to bottle feed. The wide breast-shaped nipple promotes natural latch-on so you can combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Our flexible spiral design combined with the comfort petals allow for a natural movement while baby feeds. The nipples have Airflex vent technology and are designed to reduce colic and discomfort by venting air away from baby's tummy. BPA free products*.

*Philips Sustainability Report, Ref.: SUS-007, 2018

  • 2 Natural 9 ounce/260ml bottles
  • 2 Natural slow flow nipples
  • 2 Natural 4 ounce/125ml bottles
  • 2 Natural newborn nipples
  • Microwave Sterilizer
  • Bottle Brush
  • 2 Soothie pacifiers (0-3m). BPA Free

Natural latch on
The wide breast shaped nipple promotes a natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding.

Ultra soft nipple
The nipple has an ultra soft texture, designed to mimic the feel of the breast.

Flexible spiral design
Flexible spiral design, combined with our unique comfort petals to create a flexible nipple, allowing for a more natural feed without nipple collapse.

Anti-colic vent technology
Our unique anti-colic Airflex vent technology was designed to reduce colic and discomfort, by venting air away from your baby's tummy.

Bottle brush
The bottle brush features a curved brush head and molded tip for thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.

Microwave steam sterilizer
The ultra-fast and easy to use Microwave Sterilizer sterilizes up to 4 bottles in just 2 minutes.

Soothie Pacifier 0-3 m
Soothie Pacifiers are used by medical professionals to calm newborns, the highly durable pacifiers features hospital grade silicone and one piece construction.

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