The Honest Co. Dish Soap - Lemon Verbena

The Honest Co. Dish Soap - Lemon Verbena

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The Honest Company Dish Soap - Lemon Verbena

Ultra concentrated, plant-based, grease-cutting dish care

This plant-based powerhouse easily penetrates grease, grime, gunk and icky-sticky, caked on messes. Ultra concentrated. Extra sudsy. Downright delightful.


  • Use 1 oz. to make 3 gallons of all-purpose soapy water
  • Before washing dishes, scrape off food. Cool rinsing for milk, egg, and starches. Warm rinsing for grease, pots, and pans.
  • Great as hand soap, dog shampoo, a car wash, and more!


  • 26.5 fl. oz.
  • Effective grease and dish cleaning power in a natural, ultra versatile formula
  • Easily penetrates foods, milk and formula residues, and general household messes
  • Virtually no streaking, spotting, or residue
  • Coconut-based ingredients ensure a bright luster, easy rinsing and delightful shine
  • Works great on pots and pans, glasses, serveware, baby bottles, toys, and more!
  • Works great as a general all-purpose soap for household chores use on floors, wash the car or bikes, clean the dog, scrub the deck, or on virtually anything where a simple soap is needed
  • Ultra-concentrated formula with EXTRA suds
  • Available in 3 delightful scents
  • No harsh chemicals (ever!)
  • Non-Toxic, Ultra-Concentrated, pH Balanced, Biodegradable, Extra Suds