Aurora Sluuumpy The Bear - 15"

Aurora Sluuumpy The Bear - 15"

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Aurora Sluuumpy The Bear - 15"

The Slouching Plump Brown Bear Stuffed Animal Sluuumpy Plush by Aurora is a pretty precious, people pleasing, plush pal that puts playtime as its personally preferred past time. It also likes alliteration and is a big fan of literary devices in general. Weird. Everyone likes a plump stuffed brown bear, or so we are told. It seems that a little extra baggage is a good thing on a brown bear stuffed animal. If that is true then this slouching stuffed brown bear is going to be a big hit! This plump plush brown bear is a little thick around the middle, has terrible posture, and as a result, is extra cuddly. This brown bear stuffed animal is about fifteen inches tall and ten inches wide. Any way you figure it, that is what is known as a bundle of joy. Toss in two droopy eyes and you have yourself a laid back buddy to keep by your side. Tuck it right under your arm and off you go to write long sentences full of alliteration and simply spend some time savoring your plump plush brown bear. It's good to be a little extra round, if you're a Sluuumpy stuffed animal!

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