Nuna REVV Rotating Convertible Car Seat


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Rear Facing Usage:
Birth to 2+ years. 5-35lbs w/ latch install, 5-40lbs w/ belt install I 43 in or less.
Forward Facing Usage:
At least 2yrs old. 25–40 lbs w/ both latch and belt install | 43 in. or less.
What's Included:
Organic cotton infant head and body inserts, 2 dishwasher safe cup holders
Why we love it:
10 positions, height adjustable, rebound bar, 360 swivel for maximum parental comfort
Unit Weight:
Product Dimensions:
21.5 to 22.5” L x 18.5” W x 22.5
2 years

Nuna REVV the Turning Convertible Car Seat

The Nuna REVV rotating convertible car seat is ready to revolutionize your travel experience. One simple install then rotate the seat 360° effortlessly for a stress-free easy-in, easy-out between adventures. The REVV converts from a rear to forward-facing car seat as your little one grows from newborn up to 40 pounds. The sleek lines provide a stylish look for you, while the luxurious fabrics and ventilation provide a comfortable ride for them. REVV provides security with Steel Strength Technology™, Aeroflex™ side impact protection, and ten-position, bubble-free recline for snug and secure comfort. REVV is the stress-free rotating seat of your dreams.

Why we love the REVV:

  • One installation!  Easily spins 360° for rear and forward facing without reinstalling the unit.
  • No-Rethread Harness! This unit easily adjusts to grow with baby.
  • 10 total positions. Choose from five recline positions each way they're facing.
  • NO added fire-retardant chemicals.
  • GREENGUARD GOLD certified fabrics.
  • Integrated rebound bar helps minimize rotation during impact.
  • Integrated magnetic buckle holders help keep straps out of the way when buckling in baby. 

Nuna REVV Specifications

  • Rear Facing Usage: Birth to 2+ years. 5-40 lbs., with latch anchor I 43 inches or less.
  • Forward Facing Usage: At least 2yrs old. 25–40 lbs | 43 in. or less.
  • What's Included: Organic cotton infant head and body inserts, 2 dishwasher safe cup holders
  • Why we love it: 10 positions, height adjustable, rebound bar, 360 swivel for maximum parental comfort
  • Unit Weight: 32lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 21.5 to 22.5” L x 18.5” W x 22.5
  • Warranty: 2 years
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What is the Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat?

The Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat is a car seat that can be rotated 180 degrees, so that the child can face the parents or the rear of the car. It is also a convertible car seat, which means that it can be used as a rear-facing or front-facing car seat.

The Nuna REVV Rotating Convertible Car Seat is a great choice for parents who are looking for a car seat that will grow with their child. This car seat is easy to install, and it features Aeroflex side impact protection and Steel Strength Technology. It's designed for children from newborns to 40 pounds, and the head support can be adjusted in 10 different positions. The REVV also has a sleek design with contemporary contours, and it's made of ultra-resilient plastic and steel. Plus, the support wedge can be removed from the infant's head and body insert when your child is old enough to sit up on their own.

Why is the Nuna Revv one of the best convertible car seats?

The Nuna Revv is one of the best convertible car seats because it is incredibly easy to install, it is comfortable for the child, and it has a small footprint, so it does not take up a lot of space in the car. Additionally, the Nuna Revv is a great car seat for long trips because it is very well-ventilated.

It is one of the best convertible car seats because it has one belt path. This means that caregivers can install the seat once, then rotate it to the proper position for their child's age, weight, size, and maturity level.

In addition, the REVV also had some challenges with installation, which we'll go into later in our review.

The Nuna Revv has a swivel seat that rotates 360 degrees, letting you easily get your child in and out without hurting your back. The seat grows with your child from birth to 40 pounds.

The REVV is one of the safest convertible car seats because it offers top safety features like an all-steel frame for maximum strength, side impact protection pods that absorb crash forces, and an anti-rebound panel.

The five rear-facing and five forward-facing recline positions allow parents to find a perfect fit for both their child and vehicles. The seat locks out incorrect angles and prevents parents from accidentally leaving their child in a dangerous position during travel.

Converting from a car seat to a stroller with the use of magnets is just another added bonus! The REVV fabrics are machine-washable and fire-resistant without chemical retardants. There are two sets of inserts for the REVV—one organic cotton set and one merino wool set. The removable, dishwasher safe cup holders come with the REVV model as well!

The harness is easily adjustable

This means that it can be quickly and easily tailored to fit your child perfectly, regardless of their size or age. Additionally, the harness is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable, meaning your child will be safe and happy when travelling in the Revv.

The Nuna Revv is easy to install

The Nuna Revv is one of the best convertible car seats because it's so easy to install. It takes about five minutes to install the seat using the LATCH system. You can also use the seat belt to install it, which makes it even easier. The seat is very sturdy and feels secure once it's installed.

The harness can be rethreaded without taking the car seat out of the car

This makes it easy to adjust the harness as your child grows, without having to uninstall and reinstall the seat every time you make a change. The Revv's five-point harness system also ensures that your child is securely fastened in place, even during a collision. And with its comfortable fabric and cushy inserts, your little one will enjoy every trip in this car seat.

The Nuna Revv can hold up to 50 pounds

That means that even your larger child will be able to safely ride in the car seat for many years. Additionally, the Nuna Revv is designed with a sleek and stylish look that will complement any car interior. And thanks to its easy installation process, you'll be able to get your child safely buckled in quickly and easily. 

Rotates for Easy Loading/Unloading

This is a great feature if you have more than one child, as it makes switching between them a breeze. You won't have to strain yourself trying to lift your child in and out of the car seat - the rotating axle will do all the work for you!

Anti-Rebound Bar/Carry Handle

Additionally, the Revv carry handle makes it easy to transport your child in and out of the car seat.

One Belt Path

The Nuna Revv car seat features a premium one-belt path harness system that ensures the harness is always positioned correctly on your child's shoulders, regardless of their size or how they are seated in the car seat. The harness system is easy to adjust and features a five-point harness that provides maximum safety and security for your child. Nuna Revv car seat premium one belt path harness system is designed with your child's safety in mind. The Nuna Revv baby car seat provides a safe, secure and comfortable environment for infants from 4 to 35 lbs and up to 32" in height.

No Re-thread Harness

This is helpful because it means that you don't have to spend time re-threading the harness each time you put your child in or take them out of the car seat. It also makes it easier to get your child in and out of the car seat.

Plush Cover

Nuna Revv push cover is a revolutionary design that provides parents with the ultimate in ease and convenience. The push cover can be easily removed by lifting it straight up, providing one-handed access to your child. You can also easily reattach the push cover by simply pushing it back into place.

Extra Padding

This makes it more comfortable for both parents and the baby. The car seat is made of a lightweight fabric, which makes it easy to carry around.

Crotch Buckle Cover

It's made of soft, plush fabric and it fits snugly over the crotch buckle of your car seat. This prevents irritation and chafing against your child's skin, and it makes for a more comfortable ride. The cover is easy to attach and remove, and it can be washed in the machine.

Buckle Tongue Holders

The buckle tongue holders are adjustable to fit different sizes of children's mouths and they are very easy to use.


They're perfect for holding cups, bottles or snacks and are big enough to fit most items. These cupholders are also removable, so they can be easily cleaned if needed.

Infant Insert

The insert is removable as your child grows, so you can continue to use the stroller with or without it.

Nuna Revv Safety Features

When it comes to car seats, safety is the number one priority. Nuna Revv is made with top-of-the-line plastics, steel reinforcement and a secure shell. The Aeroflex Side Impact Protection System and EPP energy absorbing foam work together to protect your child in the event of a collision. And thanks to the door aids in easy installation, it meets ultra-secure standards. So you can rest assured that your child is perfectly safe and sound when travelling in NUNA REVV! 

How does the Nuna Revv compare to other convertible car seats on the market?

Nuna Revv is a convertible car seat that is designed to provide a safer and more comfortable ride for children. It is made with a steel frame and has a five-point harness system to keep children secure. The seat also reclines to provide a more comfortable position for children.

Nuna Revv is also a convertible car seat that swivels in its entirety on all sides. It has a rear-facing weight limit of 50 pounds and a tether use for forward facing. The Evenflo Revolve is the only other convertible car seat that swivels in its entirety on all sides, but it does not have a rear-facing weight limit as high as the Nuna's 50-pound limit and it doesn't have a 100-pound anchor point like the Nuna Revv does so there are more concerns about safety with this option. Another primary difference between these two seats is that the Nuna Revv is the only convertible car seat with a lower anchor weight limit for both forward and rear-facing positioning, while the Evenflo Revolve only has a lower anchor weight limit for forward-facing positioning.

The weight ranges of the Nuna Revv are 22-65 pounds and 28-49 inches tall, making it suitable for a variety of children. It also has a handle on the headrest, which makes it easy to adjust height when necessary. The frame of the Nuna Revv is narrower than most other convertible car seats on the market, which can be an important consideration if you have limited space in your vehicle. Finally, the Nuna Revv is $500-$600 less expensive than most similar products on the market without sacrificing safety or features like side impact protection.


Are the swivel car seats safe?

There are a few primary differences between the car seats that swivel and those which don't. Car seats that do not swivel come with a base only, while those that do have a base, frame, and headrest. 

The Car Seat Check website recommends an age and height guideline for car seats. For example, the Baby Jogger City Turn doesn't swivel in forward facing mode. The seat is recommended to be used with babies who weigh between 22-65 pounds, are 35 inches tall or less than 40 inches tall and have their ears below the top of the headrest when fully extended (or are 28-49 inches tall).

The Nuna is a car seat that has the ability to stay out of the way in both forward-facing and rear-facing positions; it also only weighs 40 pounds. It can be attached in either direction as well.

Is Nuna Revv FAA approved?

The Nuna Revv is FAA approved, but it is not intended for use on any aircraft. You may use it in a car or on an airplane that has lap belts only. The 10-year expiration date of the REVV is on a label at the bottom of the base, which also has an expiration date. The lower anchors store in a compartment at the base of each seat.

Is it worth getting a swivel car seat?

When it comes to car seats, there are a few things that are important for parents to consider. One of those factors is whether to get a swivel car seat. Swivel seats allow parents to have their child's face them when they put them in and out of the seat. This is a great feature, as it makes the process much easier and more comfortable for both the parent and the child.

Nuna Revv is a comfortable, spacious, and secure car seat which offers parents an excellent view of their child. This swivel car seat makes it easier to get toddlers into and out of the car. The REVV has all the superb qualities of the Nuna RAVA, but with fewer issues with her sitting on the straps and trying to pull them out from under her. This makes it an excellent choice for parents who are looking for a swivel car seat that their toddler will be comfortable in and that will be easy to use.

Are all Nuna car seats non-toxic?

It is unclear whether all Nuna car seats are non-toxic, as there does not appear to be any certification documentation for this claim. However, Nuna has stated that their car seats do not contain any harmful chemicals.

With the Nuna Revv, it is unclear whether this seat contains BPA or phthalates. Nuna has stated that the Revv car seat is made of polypropylene, which does not contain BPA or phthalates. However, there is a possibility that the seat may be coated with an anti-microbial agent, which contains BPA.

Is the Nuna Revv flame retardant free?

No, Nuna Revv is not a flame retardant-free car seat. Like most other carseats on the market, it does not have to be flame retardant as there are no federal regulations for the product. However, there are some features that make it safer for children to be exposed to flames in the event of a fire.

Flame retardants are chemicals that are added to materials to slow down the spread of fire. However, these chemicals can also be harmful to human health. In recent years, there has been growing concern about the health risks associated with exposure to flame retardants.

Nuna Revv meets all safety standards without the use of these chemicals. This makes this car seat model safer for your child and also reduces their exposure to potential health hazards.

How long can my child use the 2022 Nuna Revv?

The Nuna Revv is recommended for children aged 6 months to 3 years. The safety of the car seat can be extended if it is used with a compatible infant insert, which you will find in the original box that came with your Revv car seat.