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Uppababy 2022 New Products and Announcement

Uppababy is expanding their family of products! What we know and love about Uppababy strollers and car seats remain the same but they’ve added a few important upgrades for 2022 AND a couple of new product lines that will likely become household names very soon. 2022 Uppababy VI … read more

Nuna RAVA vs. EXEC Car Seat Comparison

Every day families are researching car seats to get their little bundle of joys from one destination to another in a seat designed specifically for their safety. The options seem endless and, quite honestly, it gets overwhelming very quickly. Here, I will be breaking down the differences … read more

2021 Nuna TRIV vs. Nuna MIXX Next Stroller Comparison

As the two most popular Nuna strollers, the Nuna TRIV and Nuna MIXX Next are distinct in their appeal to new parents. MIXX Next is the typical choice for users seeking high-suspension and all-terrain mechanics. The TRIV user appreciates the smooth ride and compact storage features of this … read more

Clek Car Seat Comparison

Clek designs their car seats to be secure as a tank, talk about a peace of mind for parents! Unlike other brands that make everything for baby, Clek’s sole focus is on baby car seats. That is it.  With their background in the automotive industry, Clek continues to raise the bar … read more

UPPABABY KNOX vs NUNA RAVA Convertible Car Seat

As you enter your baby’s next stage in car seat safety, the options for convertible car seats may seem overwhelming, fortunately we’re here to help you narrow your search with three of our top picks! The popular Rava by Nuna, the innovative Sirona S by Cybex, and the new Knox b … read more
2021 Nuna Pipa RX vs. Original Nuna Pipa Car Seat

2021 Nuna Pipa RX vs. Original Nuna Pipa Car Seat

One of our favorite brands, Nuna, has leveled up the infant car seat game, yet again! If you’re expecting or have a newborn, their safety is your number one priority. We have been there, are there, or expecting to be there soon! That’s why we are excited to share with you the … read more

Nuna MIXX Next vs. Nuna MIXX Stroller

Nuna has rolled out their brand new 2020/2021 MIXX Next stroller! Every update was designed with parents and their baby in mind - updates in convenience, better handling, and durability. The MIXX Next stroller retails for $749.95 compared to the MIXX stroller at $649.95. A whopping $100 … read more

Introducing: Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

Cybex has finally entered the double stroller world with the Gazelle S Stroller. But in true Cybex fashion, the Gazelle isn’t you’re your typical double stroller; it is considered a “modular stroller” or “convertible stroller”. Say what? I said, MOD- … read more