Bombol Pop-up Booster is cleverly designed to be ultra portable and ultra durable!

Oct 17th 2019

Bombol Pop-up Booster is cleverly designed to be ultra portable and ultra durable! When you’re searching for a booster chair you’ll likely find bulky, space not-so-saving, not aesthetically pleasing plastic seats. While this might be fine for the grandparents, Bombol has changed the game for modern parents that want the freedom to travel the world and dine out with their little one without having to eliminate their favorite restaurants due to the lack of readily available high chairs. Bombol Pop-up Booster is cleverly designed to make this one of the strongest, most portable booster seat in the market. Due to their compact design, you can take this with you around the globe or to your local coffee shop! The seat will give your little one a boost to sit right up to the table and partake in feeding and/or activities. Installation is as easy as opening it up and locking it into a safe position. The Bombol Pop-Up Booster is the only booster seat you’ll ever need. A … read more
2018 Holiday Season Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Season Gift Guide

Posted by Kidsland on Dec 6th 2018

Kidsland’s Ultimate 2018 Gift Guide is here!  I absolutely love looking at Gift Guides. Gift guides help my imagination flow. I imagine my kids or friends opening the product and seeing the delight in their eyes. So I decided to talk a walk around Kidsland and make my own list! Kidsland has so many products that I cannot possible include everything but I tried my best to narrow it down. Included in the list are toys from newborn, toddlers, big kids, and even parents! Shop this gift guide!  … read more

Black Friday Baby Deals 2018

Nov 16th 2018

Let’s face it; Black Friday is a HOT MESS. Your inbox is going to fill up fast with every brand telling you that they have the best deals in town. It gets overwhelming, fast! But we all know Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a great time to purchase gear you need and shop for everyone on your holiday list. To take some burden off, I will list ALL Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions available at on this blog post. Scroll through the Best Black Friday Baby Deals!SOCAL CUSTOMERS: Visit us in-store on Black Friday (11/23/18) for deep discounts only available at our retail store! Plus we will cover your tax on regular priced items that are not eligible for any promotions.   **Deals sorted by starting date** Cybex Deals (11/1 - 12/5): Free Cloud Q Plus with purchase of any Priam Stroller ($399 Value)   Free Aton Q Plus with purchase of any Mios Stroller ($379 Value) 20% OFF Balios S Stroller, Sirona M Car Seat, Eezy S Twist Str … read more
Clek's Brand New Line - Liing Infant Car Seat!

Clek's Brand New Line - Liing Infant Car Seat!

Oct 12th 2018

The secret’s out! One of our favorite toddler car seat makers (foonf and fllo), Clek, has announced that they will be releasing their first infant car seat called Liing.What is Liing? Clek has the best-in-class safety car seats on the market. Clek has used their background in the automotive industry to design car seats that have the same safety technology as vehicles. Clek has researched and developed an infant car seat that is built without compromise. Clek’s car seats are easy to install, secure as a tank, comfortable to sit in, and best of all comes with a level of protection that comes with a peace of mind. Why is it called Liing? “No suffix is more lovable than –ling. Without it we wouldn’t have words like cute little ducklings, affectionate darlings, loving siblings, and of course our new favorite, clekliing!” When will it be available?We are expecting Liing to arrive early 2019 but the date is tentative.How much will the Liing cost?Clek’s Liing will start at 399. … read more