Infant Car Seats

The Best Infant Car Seats

Right out of the hospital doors, an infant car seat is the first piece of equipment required to transport the baby to his/her new home. Welcome your newborn with a safe and comfortable first ride with our selection of infant car seats.   

All our car seats are made with all the latest safety standards in place to ensure a safe ride for your little one. From side impact protection to options with load leg base to reduce rotation in the event of an accident, the matter of safety was a top priority in the manufacturing of all of these choices.   Shop our huge selection of the very best in baby car seats from top-rated brands such as NunaCybexMaxi CosiClek, and more for complete confidence.  Pair any one of these brands with a stroller to make a perfect travel system. Stay safe and on the go together with your baby. 

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How long does a baby use an infant car seat?

Baby’s will use an infant car seat from birth to about 9 months and up to 2 years. Most children will outgrow an infant car seat when the top of their heads is less than an inch from the top of the seat, or they’ve reached the weight limit, which is typically 30 -35 pounds. Please review the specifications of your car seat. See our selection of Convertible Car Seats as a next-stage car seat for your growing infant.   

Should an infant car seat be positioned behind the driver or passenger? 

Your first location for a rear-facing car seat should be in the center of the backseat. If the car seat has to be installed behind either the driver or the passenger, the car seat should be installed behind the passenger. 

Do I have to use the same brand car seat and stroller?

No, most major brands will offer adapters to be used with their favorite car seat or stroller as a travel system. For example, Maxi-Cosi Coral XP infant car seats can be used with Babyzen YOYO stroller using their adapter.  

What is the height and weight limit for an infant car seat? 

Most rear-facing infant car seats have a weight limit of 30-35 pounds and a height limitation of 32 inches. Please review the specifications of your car seat to review the limits. 

During cold weather, what is the best way to keep an infant warm in a car seat?

During cooler weather, store the car seat indoors until it's ready to be used. Use a blanket over the straps, and avoid using any car seat covers or items that will come between your baby, the harness straps, and the car seat, as they may interfere with the protection provided in a crash. Mittens, hats, and booties are also helpful.