Car Seat Accessories

  • Doona Snap on Storage Back

    Doona Snap on Storage

  • Clek Drink Thingy for Oobr

    Clek Drink Thingy for Oobr

  • Doona Doona Infant Car Seat Base

    Doona Infant Car Seat Base

  • Doona Sunshade Extension Feature

    Doona Sunshade Extension

  • Nuna PIPA Series Rain Cover Main Image

    Nuna PIPA Series Rain Cover

  • Clek Liing Infant Car Seat -  Slate base

    Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Base

  • Clek WeeLee Car Seat Travel Bag - Black

    Clek WeeLee Car Seat Travel Bag - Black

  • Main Image for Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat Travel Bag

    UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat Travel Bag

  • Doona 360 Degree Protection Feature

    Doona 360 Degree Protection

  • Doona All-Day Diaper Bag main

    Doona All-Day Diaper Bag

  • Doona Vehicle Seat Protector with feature

    Doona Vehicle Seat Protector

  • Cybex Cloud Q Load Leg Base Main Image

    Cybex Cloud Q Load Leg Base


Keeping children comfortable and entertainment while in the car are two things that every mom needs. Car seat accessories can help immensely, helping you to not only provide a comfortable place for your child to sit, but also one that's very safe. Our collection of must-have accessories includes items like car seat bases, seat inserts, head pillows, car seat covers, and much more. We carry only the top products from designer brands like Clek, Nuna, JJ Cole, Doona, UPPAbaby, and others.

Add on to the comfort and security of your child's car seat by simply adding a seat insert or head support pillow. Designed to cradle the body, a seat insert provides more cushion for those long car rides when—as we all know—sitting stinks. Plus, many of these also provide head protection via offset paddings or headrests. Won't the additional material make your child uncomfortably warm? Nope! We've selected only the best seat inserts and head pillows that prioritize breathability and moisture control.

Alongside these great car seat accessories, you'll find many more products in this collection that will be lifesavers. Some of these include drink holders, rain covers, seat savers (to go underneath the car seat), window shades, diaper bags, back seat organizers, car seat harness covers, and many more. Choose products from your favorite brands to perfectly match your car seat while giving your baby a safer and cozier seat. Whether you're running weekday errands or traveling for vacation, the addition of car seat accessories will vastly improve the car ride for everyone.

From travel trays for on the road entertainment to head support pillows to keep the little ones safe and comfortable, we have everything you need to make car rides with your child a breeze. If you have any questions about our inventory of car seat accessories while shopping with us, please reach out for assistance. Our friendly staff is always happy to assist you as needed.