Cybex Lemo Bouncer - Storm Grey

Cybex Lemo Bouncer - Storm Grey

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Cybex Lemo Bouncer - Storm Grey

The CYBEX LEMO Bouncer offers a versatile choice that can be used from birth up to 3 years. From birth* to 20 lbs., use the LEMO Bouncer with the harness as a stand-alone unit or attached to the LEMO chair, giving your baby a seat at the table from day one. From 20 to 33 lbs., the LEMO Bouncer can be used without the harness while your child bounces, plays or peacefully sleeps.

  • An innovative bouncer designed to be used from birth* (*with harness) up to 33 lbs.
  • Multi-purpose function keeps your little one busy bouncing, playing, relaxing or drifting off to sleep
  • 2-position adjustable backrest offers reclined and upright positions so your child is comfortable while sleeping or awake
  • Adjustable and removable 3-point harness ensures your baby is safe from birth
  • Comfort cover can be removed for washing
  • Mesh seat backing helps keep the seat breathable in warmer temperatures


  • Measurements: L 24 x W 17.3 x H 18 – 21.7 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.

5 Reviews

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    Small Chair with Big Possibilities

    Posted by Anonymous on Apr 11th 2019

    Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with the Cybex LEMO high chair to review. Initially, I found it difficult to put the chair together based upon the lack of labeling between the foot piece and the seat. I wish the parts would've been labeled better. The directions are only diagrams and lack some details that could save on time the first time you put it together. The plus side is that once you get it together you realize it's simple and I could easily do it quicker next time. I love the colors that are available for this chair. Good-bye boring high chairs! These colors are vibrant and sleek. This European high chair does lack in size, I found it quite tight for my 1 year old and can foresee issues with little legs getting in and out in the future but by then I can just adjust to a toddler seat. This chair is a 4 in 1 so it grows with your baby from infant bouncer (sold separately) to high chair, toddler seat all the way to adult chair. I would love if it was adjustable in height to make it taller but the seat and foot tray are adjustable and it did push right up to the table and let my toddler feel like she was eating at the table with the family. I think this chair would make a great modern restaurant high chair! The harness seat belt felt really secure. The crotch strap is poorly positioned inside the bucket seat and takes a few extra seconds of fishing around and struggling with a busy toddler to buckle, but 2 clicks your done! The tray is short and tilts slightly down and in a couple instances where my toddler pushed food away it allowed for the food to roll off with no significant edging to catch it. Although it doesn't have a removable tray inlay, the tray itself is easy to remove and small enough to clean over the sink. If you're a minimalist you'd like this chair, it's simple and easy. This chair is easy to put together once you've done it once and would be excellent for owners who travel and want something of substance they could take with them. You could take it apart and put together within 10 minutes. The chair has some weight for stability but is light enough to move and has 2 small wheels to help. The price point is a little high but this chair is ergonomical and built to last. I enjoy having this chair in the house. The color truly makes it a topic of conversation with friends and family.What do you think about being able to use this chair in a variety of ways (and for many years)?I love functionality! Money is well spent when the items last longer than a few months. I love that this product can be used by everyone!How easy was it for you to adjust the seat?Very simple to adjust and easy to do with one hand!What did you think of the design of the chair? What was your favorite feature?Sleek and minimalistic. I love the smooth colors and foot board that my toddler can put her feet on instead of them just hanging in front of her. The material is thick and built to last.What accessories were you able to use? How easy was this chair to assemble?We used the tray and tried out the cushion. I transitioned to a chair and found it quite durable. I was frustrated with initial assembly. Directions unclear, parts aren't labeled, picture diagrams didn't cut it. I confused the foot board with the seat and initially put the seat on in the opposite direction based on what the diagram looked like. The bucket seat was a bit difficult to click over the chair back, I was afraid of pinching my fingers, but I did finally get it. I knew after it was set up I could easily do it again and in a much quicker time.

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    Attractive AND Practical!

    Posted by RhiPDX on Apr 10th 2019

    OH MAN. This high chair is the business. It took about 10 minutes for me to assemble - I didn't need any extra tools and I definitely did it without the help of my husband. Both my three- and seven-year-olds sit in the seat (they actually argue about whose turn it is) and I'm able to adjust the seat with just one hand. And, as bonus, it's sleek and attractive in my kitchen!I would have LOVED to have this when my youngest was little - the bouncer attachment seems like a dream.I am so, so thankful to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending us this awesome high chair. We'll be using it for years to come.What do you think about being able to use this chair in a variety of ways (and for many years)?Easy to adjust and it grows with the child.How easy was it for you to adjust the seat?Super easy! I could do it one handed.What did you think of the design of the chair? What was your favorite feature?It's so sleek and attractive! The adjustable seat is my favorite.What accessories were you able to use? How easy was this chair to assemble?Wasn't able to use any accessories as my children are older. This chair is possibly the easiest child product I've ever assembled.

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    A high chair that GROWS with your child

    Posted by rmm151s on Apr 8th 2019

    I was given this European High Chair to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. My two kids are 4.5 and just over 2. While we're past the traditional high chair baby phase, we were still using a booster seat for our 2 year old. She's too small to sit in a regular chair. Now we're using the Cybex LEMO High Chair - it's better than the booster chair for SO MANY reasons.First, it looks amazing in our breakfast space and dining room, much sleeker than the brightly colored plastic booster seat we were using. Second, the booster has to be used on a chair. If we have guests over, we have to disconnect the booster from the chair, and cleaning is a bit of a pain. With the Cybex chair, it's an additional chair added to the table that can be moved around, and it's SO EASY to clean... just wipe it off. No cracks or crevices for food to get stuck inside. It's glorious.It's also so easy to adjust the chair, which is essential as my 2 year old and 4 year old often fight over who gets to sit in the chair. (ha!) I love that both of them can use the chair, and I love that this chair can grow with your child from baby to toddler to little kid. What other high chair gives you that length of use?All in all, this is an amazing chair. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to test it and plan to use it for a long time.What do you think about being able to use this chair in a variety of ways (and for many years)?I LOVE that this chair can take you from baby to little kid... it's so versatile!How easy was it for you to adjust the seat?Super easy. Takes only a few seconds with no child in the chair.What did you think of the design of the chair? What was your favorite feature?I love the step/foot rest, and so do my kids.What accessories were you able to use? How easy was this chair to assemble?We did not use any accessories due to the age of our children. Chair was very easy to assemble!

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    Great multi-purpose high chair!

    Posted by lmbigger on Apr 7th 2019

    We have been using this chair for a few weeks now with our toddler and it has been great! I'm expecting a second child any day now and love that I will be able to use it as a high chair for them too. It was really quick and easy to put together and is even simpler to adjust the seat and leg support. Its super stable and perfect for our toddler to climb in and out of by herself, which has been super helpful. The chair is easy to clean up by simply wiping it down with a cloth. I have also used it as a stool at our counter! The design is sleek and simple and I see it staying in our home for many years to come! I received this product to review through the weeSpring Parent Panel, but the thoughts are all my own.What do you think about being able to use this chair in a variety of ways (and for many years)?love that it is multi-use! Baby products are so easy to collectHow easy was it for you to adjust the seat?super simple!What did you think of the design of the chair? What was your favorite feature?I love how easy it is to adjust the seat and foot rest height!What accessories were you able to use? How easy was this chair to assemble?We tried out all the accessories but with a two year old love using it as a chair. It was really quick to assemble

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    An Easy Adjusting, Versatile Chair for All Ages

    Posted by sheeshoo2 on Apr 4th 2019

    I was given this European High Chair to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. Let me start by saying that there are really too many positives to list in a single review when it comes to the Cybex LEMO High Chair. The low profile design is sleek looking in our kitchen area. It does not stand out like the stereotypical bulky baby gear, and there are plenty of unique color options to suit your individual taste. The comfort inlay on the LEMO appears durable and easily withstood a thorough wiping after an especially messy mealtime with our littlest one. I also found that the High Chair snack tray removed quickly for easy cleaning at the sink.The wheeled back legs on the LEMO are a nice touch, providing excellent maneuverability that makes this seat perfect for tighter spaces. Built in rubber non-scratch pads on the front feet are a lifesaver for wood floors, especially if you have children who live to move furniture. This seat also provides for better posture with a fully adjustable seat height and depth as well as footrest height. Child number five sat up far straighter in the LEMO with the attached baby set, snack tray, and comfort inlay than when compared to his old high chair.I love the versatility this seat gives our family. We have used the LEMO as an extra chair for an adult at our formal dining table in addition to utilizing the seat as the primary high chair for our youngest (14 months). Our 4 year old weighs 45lbs and due to a rare syndrome, is not yet able to walk independently, but she is very well supported in the LEMO High Chair when it is pulled up to the kitchen table. Perhaps the best part about the LEMO is the actual adjusting process. This is truly the most smooth gliding and easiest adjusting high chair out there, with both a footrest and seat that are completely customizable for babies all the way up to adults.The Cybex LEMO high chair is excellent, but not perfect. Although there are very few bolts and tools to mess with when putting together the LEMO, the instructions for this High Chair left a bit to be desired and led us on an IKEA style adventure game of Pictionary. The baby set can also be difficult to install and remove. Strangely enough, the baby set *must* be removed in order to take off both pieces of the comfort inlay, which is a bit of a hassle if you need more than a quick wipe down of the fabric. Some may complain about the smaller snack tray, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in its’ compact design and unobtrusive footprint, which again lends itself well to smaller spaces. I did find that despite trying to adjust it, the snack tray tilts ever so slightly forward.If you are looking for a high chair that blends in seamlessly with transitional decor and will grow with your child from age 0 to 99, you can not go wrong with the Cybex LEMO High Chair.What do you think about being able to use this chair in a variety of ways (and for many years)?Our family gravitates toward juvenile products that serve more than one purpose. This allows us to spend slightly more on fewer items, giving us the ability to use higher quality products. The LEMO fits this idea of sustainability perfectly as this High Chair can be used for all five of our children at any given time in their lives.How easy was it for you to adjust the seat?Most of the time I loathe adjusting high chair seats as it is generally difficult and slow. The LEMO High Chair glides quickly and easily, allowing me to change virtually any aspect of the seat within seconds depending on the child and dining situation.What did you think of the design of the chair? What was your favorite feature?I appreciate the sleek, understated design of the LEMO High Chair. My favorite feature would have to be the super easy adjusting of the seat.What accessories were you able to use? How easy was this chair to assemble?Our family was able to use the Baby Set, Snack Tray, and comfort inlay with the LEMO High Chair. Assembly was easy enough once we acclimated to the picture instructions.

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