Cybex PRIAM 3 Stroller

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Cybex Platinum - PRIAM 3 Complete Stroller

Specifications Summary  
Usage Birth - 55lbs
Stroller Weight 25.1lb
Open Dimensions 32" L X 29" W x 39" H

Folded Dimensions

38" L x 23" W x 13" H
Included Accessories Car Seat Adapters, Rain Cover


Cybex PRIAM 3-in-1 Travel System

Individualized Mobility

The Cybex PRIAM offers a complete 3-in-1 travel system to parents. The matte black frame enables three different modes of use: as a travel system with matching carry cot or one of our award-winning Cybex infant car seats, and later as a luxurious parent-facing or forward-facing stroller.

The NEW Cybex PRIAM has been redesigned with high-quality materials including leather-look details, premium fabric and finishes.



  • One-hand fold into a compact self-standing position in seconds
  • One-hand recline to a near flat position while facing either direction
  • Reversible seat unit can be positioned to be forward or parent facing using memory buttons
  • Adjustable leather-look handlebar adapts to users of all heights
  • Leather-look Bumper Bar opens to the side for easy access to the seat
  • Lockable swivel front wheels for stability on uneven terrain
  • All-wheel suspension system for a smooth ride
  • Never-flat foam filled rubber wheels provide durability
  • Large shopping basket (11 lb. capacity)
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • XXL Sun Canopy with peek-a-boo window and UPF 50+ rating to protect baby from the sun’s rays
  • Seat aligns with standard table heights, making dining out convenient
  • Convenient two-wheel mode for strolling over loose terrain like sand and up staircases
  • Build your own travel system using a Cybex PRIAM Carry Cot and Cybex infant car seat
  • Includes rain cover, cup holder, bumper bar and car seat adapters


  • Frame in Matte Black
  • Color: True Red
  • Assembled Dimensions (seat w/frame): 32.5-36.4” L x 23.6” W x 38-42.1” H
  • Folded Dimensions (seat w/frame):37.4” L x 23.6” W x 15.7” H\
  • Weight: 28.1 lbs.Use from Birth (with a Priam Carry Cot or Cybex Infant Car Seat) up to 55 lbs.


  • 5
    The most elegant workhorse stroller out there!

    Posted by Natana1 on Jul 24th 2019

    As a city mom who walks and strolls practically everywhere, the Priam 3 is a dream. So many great features. Here's a breakdown: *Wheels. The wheels glide over potholes and curbs and grass, making the ride smooth and effortless. I knew this would be the advantage of large wheels for basic strolling, but was surprised that it also made getting into tiny coffee shops and through narrow and crowded grocery stores a breeze. The wheel movement is so precise that the Priam 3 turns on a dime, so I can hold open a heavy door and navigate the stroller through tight spaces easily. Freedom! I no longer have to rely on other's assistance or feel like a nuisance. Even though it’s a full-sized stroller, I never feel in-the-way or limited by space. And going up and down stairs feels really secure. One-handed strolling is also a breeze…bye-bye wrist pain and zig-zag strolling when I’m juggling strolling with a cup or phone in hand. *Basket. I love that the storage basket is expandable and has mesh & an opening near the front. I can open the basket when I go grocery shopping, and close it when I don’t need it to keep that sleek, refined look. The mesh top makes it easy to see items in the front, and the opening on the top makes them easy to get. I don’t have to take everything out to get something wedged in the front out of the basket. *Seat. My 2.5 year-old loves the seat. Specifically that it’s high and can be seated very upright because he loves to look around when he’s in the stroller. And I love how easy it is to clean. Everything is removable, and liquid glides right off the high-quality fabric. I had a hard time with the initial installation of the seat fabric, but that’s an insignificant price to pay for fabric that’s ENTIRELY removable. And the discrete back pocket has made it so I don’t need a bar bag anymore.*Look - To me, this stroller is a work-of-art. You can tell that so much thought went into every detail to make it aesthetically pleasing, and that’s something I really appreciate. It’s not very common in the baby and kid industry for products to go beyond function to tailor to adult styles, but Cybex does with the Priam 3. My stroller is my car and I spend a lot of time with it, so I thank Cybex for making it so beautiful to the adult eye.*Frame and Fold. The fold is extremely easy, and I love that the frame has a handle when folded for easy carrying. It’s hefty and I’m short, so I find that it’s easier to carry the stroller on my shoulder when it’s folded. I never knew that a full-sized stroller could be so transportable, and it makes storing the stroller in my one-bedroom apartment feasible. The cup holder is low, which at first I thought was odd, but bumps that make my coffee splash make me thankful that the cup is not above or near my son. Genius placement that puts safety first.Overall, this stroller is beauty and function perfected.

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    A true luxury stroller with great features!

    Posted by thefarmwife on Jul 14th 2019

    As a mother of two small children, I am on the go a lot and the Priam stroller has made our lives so much easier! The stroller has a beautiful design and a long list of features that I love: • The one hand fold makes it easy to get the stroller in and out of the car when running errands, going to the gym etc. You can literally fold the stroller WITH ONE HAND while holding your child with the other hand. The stroller is very compact when folded. • The handle bar is easy to adjust and the tallest setting fits perfectly for my husband (6’2”) and me (6’). • The seat is SUPER COMFORTABLE and soft for my children to sit in. My son is 10 months, my daughter is 2.5 years and they both love to sit in the stroller. I mostly use the stroller for our son because my daughter can walk shorter distances, however, the #1 item on my wish list is the Kid Board which can be attached to the Priam, so my daughter can come along for the ride. • The seat can be either forward facing or rear facing. When our children were younger, they liked to face me when they sat in the stroller. Now that they are older, they like to be forward facing so they can explore. Nevertheless, when I go for a walk on a windy/sunny day, I can easily turn the seat around in seconds to protect from the wind/sun. • The sun canopy expands to an extra-large position and it has a mesh window which allows air to come through. The mesh window can be open or closed and the canopy expands by use of a zipper. • The bumper bar is a quick way to keep my son in the seat, but I mostly use the harness system which only requires 2 clicks to lock him in a 1 click to get him out. • The back rest has an upright position, a slightly reclined position and an almost fully reclined position which is perfect for when my son is napping in the stroller. It is easy to quickly switch between the different positions. The recline position is probably my favorite feature about this stroller. It means I can transfer my sleeping child from the car seat to the stroller and he can comfortably continue his nap. • The leg rest can easily be adjusted to a horizonal position. I do this when our son is sleeping in the stroller. • The back rest has a pocket which is perfect for storing car keys, pacifiers, blankies, etc. • The extra-large shopping basket under the seat has a neat magnetic closure which makes it super easy to open it. I store my changing bag in it. • The ventilated rain cover is large and fits nicely around the seat. It only takes a few seconds to put it on which is what you want if it suddenly starts to rain. My daughter likes to open the small Velcro window. • The cup holder is another accessory that we like and we use it on a daily basis, either for one of the kids’ water bottles or for my coffee cup! Overall, assembly of the stroller was easy and took me about an hour. I found it quite challenging, however, to zip some of the zippers. Nevertheless, I am glad I was able to complete the assembly myself so I can do it again when the fabric needs to be washed. Life with kids inevitably will make it necessary to wash the fabric at some point and I am happy this is a possibility. We already have the Cybex Cloud Q car seat (which has an awesome fully recline feature!) and I can’t wait to use it with the Priam stroller for our next child. Also, my wish list now includes several of the cool accessories for the Priam stroller: • The Kid Board so my daughter can ride along, • The Lux Carry Cot for our next child, • The snack tray for on the go meals, • The insect net for outdoor naps, • The footmuff for walks on colder days, and • The changing bag. In conclusion, I couldn’t be happier with this stroller and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

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    Fantastic versatile city stroller

    Posted by ppks on Jul 14th 2019

    We've got this for our infant and mostly used around the city. After a few initial struggles to put everything together we really appreciate the overall build quality and usability of the stroller. Our main highlights of the stroller features include the following: - Easy one hand operation to change seat angle and move from laying to seating position - Fantastic high quality leather feel handle. Really good grip and nice looking. - Adjustable foot rest that make finding comfortable position a breeze - Flexible canopy that provide as much cover as required including fully covered for that daytime nap and rainy weather - Comfortable suspension for and around the city and even some light trail use - Easy folding compact stroller that fits into our compact SUV without any problems. Overall, highly recommended for parents looking for high quality purchase and outstanding build quality. We've had many other luxury strollers before and this one compares very favorably even when compared to more expensive travel systems.

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    Luxury Makes life easier

    Posted by Nannymomrhonda on Jul 9th 2019

    Very easy to put together. I love how easy it is to push even on the beach. It is great on city sidewalk. I love the Rose Gold frame it looks so luxury. The underneath basket is so spacious I can walk to the store and have room for all my groceries. It i a the best. I’m very happy with this stroller. What do you think about being able to use this chair in a variety of ways (and for many years)? It amazing I tried the Seat with my new born and 4 year old it worked great with both.How easy was it for you to adjust the seat? Very easy to adjust between children. New born and 4 year old What did you think of the design of the chair? What was your favorite feature? Very light fabric easy to clean What accessories were you able to use? How easy was this chair to assemble? Very easy the snaps were hard to find but once I did it was easy

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    Beauty and function!v

    Posted by Jlzwashere on Jul 2nd 2019

    Assembly- Took me almost an hour to assemble from the unboxing to fully assembled, (this is my first time fully assembling a stroller though) the instruction booklet has illustrations showing all the steps to fully assemble the priam. I struggled with the attachment of the foot rest cover, the illustrations were hard to understand when it came to zipping the fabric, i even looked online to see if i could get clearer instructions but couldn't find anything. After some maneuvering I figured it out, and ive attached some pictures to show how it should look for anyone else that runs into this issue. Under the seat cover there is an extendable strap that also wasnt covered in the illustrations but i will also include a photo of what I did with that piece. Everything else was relatively easy to assemble with the exception of a bit of force needed to clip in the buttons that attach to the bottom of the seat and clipping in the canopy.Priam details: Once assembled the priam looks sleek, luxurious and high end. The seat cover fabric has a silky feel and look, and seems to be very comfortable for my baby. The handlebar and bumper bar are brown leather (possibly faux leather? Im not sure) and have really nice beige stitching. I personally think the bumper bar would look nicer without the logo. The handlebar has a small metal logo which looks much nicer than the logo on the bumper bar.Priam features/pros: My favorite feature by far is how compact the stroller is when closed. It did take me a few tries to be able to close it comfortably but once i got the hang of it it was very easy. You simply press the button on the back of the handlebar simultaneously with the button on the underside of the handlebar to push the bar down until a click is heard, then fold the seat forward until a click is heard, all that's left is to lift the stroller by the handlebar and the front wheels fold inward, then simply press down on the lockbar attached to the back wheels to lock it in place. To reopen you press both buttons on the handlebar to lift it back to the desired position, press down slightly on the handlebar to reopen the wheels, then finally bring the seat up to position. I've never seen a stroller of this size fold so compactly, and I live in a small apartment so this feature is so important for me. Another really cool feature that i havent seen on another stroller is the side buttons to remove the seat, normally you would have to simultaneously press both sides to remove the seat but with this stroller you press one side, it stays indented then you press the other side and the seat releases. This is great because it allows you to remove the seat with one hand.. having at least one free hand is essential when you're caring for a baby! The bumper bar is very simple to open also, by simply pressing a button one side releases, and you can then swing the bar to a side. It can be fully removed also by pressing the buttons on each side of the bar. The canopy is very versatile, you can do the standard canopy cover, there is a small extension in front that can be used for a little extra coverage, and for the most coverage it can be unzipped at the back to reveal another layer of the canopy, this back layer also has a mesh window that can be opened so baby can get fresh air from up top and you can see baby if seat is facing forward. The seat has many positions. It can be a full seat which can even be used as a high chair when feeding baby, and by lifiting the tab on the top back of the seat you can recline it to the desired position. It goes almost fully flat, very comfortable for a sleeping baby. There's also a pocket on the back of the seat, it is relatively small but still convenient to have. I also love love love the included rain cover, it is highly protective and fully covers the priam seat including the back. It also has a small window in the front that can be opened, super convenient for adjusting baby inside. This stroller is also very agile, it feels super smooth indoors and outdoors. It flows really easily even on rough city streets. At one point I was pushing the stroller with one hand because I was holding a cup with my other hand and it was still very easy to maneuver.Cons: The underbasket is very small when closed, I couldn't fit my diaper bag in there, the bag does fit if the basket is left open, but it doesnt seem very secure, I felt as if my bag could easily fall out. The cup holder placement is at the bottom of the handlebar which isn't ideal but its not a huge deal. The cup holder is also very small, I've included a picture of it with a small cup inside which wouldnt fit all the way in the holder. The biggest con I would say is that nothing can be in the underbasket when closing the stroller, this can be very inconvenient if you have a few things in there and are needing to close the stroller in a hurry.Overall this priam is not only beautiful but it is also highly functional; it goes from seat to fully reclined, the canopy has several different variations, it barely takes up any space when closed, and the handlebar is also adjustable, just to mention a few features. There are way more pros than cons and I would 100% recommend this priam to anyone interested. Sorry for the long review I just cannot stop raving about how awesome this stroller is!

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    Best Stroller Ever!

    Posted by Yoshi7 on Jun 29th 2019

    As a mother of 5 and my youngest 7months old, this stroller has been a great asset to my busy life. This is an amazing stroller that has so many great features which include : front facing and rear facing for infants and toddlers ,expanding covering to keep the sun out, adjusts to high chair, lays back for the convenience of sleepy babies, storage basket with magnetic flaps to keep items from falling out, it even comes with a rain covering with ventilation for rainy days, folds down easy for traveling and best of all, it's easy to assemble. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for busy families. You will love it!

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    Luxury Stroller that Looks as Good as it Performs!

    Posted by Amanda E on Jun 29th 2019

    When I first received the PRIAM 3-in-1 Travel System I was shocked by the incredibly high-end look and feel of the stroller. The premium seat fabric is excellent quality and easy to clean and the design is chic and minimalist. Leather-look accents on the belly bar, handlebar, and matching strap make this kid hauler stand out from the crowd of other strollers sitting in our garage. Thoughtful engineering includes features like an intuitive standing fold (that my husband had no trouble operating) and a unique two-wheel mode for beaches or stairs.The reversible seat on the PRIAM is roomy (even for our 45lb 4.5 year old) and our 17 month old loves the nearly flat recline. I was surprised to find a huge canopy that unzips to expand even further. A convenient peek-a-boo mesh window provides ventilation, incredibly important in the Georgia heat, and allows you to check on your little one. A magnetic closure prevents that sleeping child from waking up to the heinous sound of two pieces of velcro being ripped apart. Score another point for Cybex! The PRIAM pushes like a dream thanks to all-wheel suspension. Our special needs fourth child was thrilled to have such a smooth ride rolling through the aisles of our local home store. And although many luxury strollers seem to skimp on storage (perhaps for fear of destroying the design), this stroller has an incredibly large under seat basket and all without compromising the look. Yet another convenient magnetic closure allows the basket to expand when needed.No need to go searching stores for stroller accessories as Cybex includes car seat adaptors plus a parent cupholder and rain cover. And despite a higher price tag, I expect to be able to use the PRIAM for quite a while given the generous 55lb weight limit. This really is a top notch luxury stroller with thoughtful details. I only wish that Cybex would future-proof the PRIAM with an option for a second seat attachment. The kid board is compatible, however, so I already know our next purchase!