Nuna IVVI Strollers


The Nuna IVVI is a smart looking stroller designed with your growing little one in mind. Featuring four modes: carry cot, travel system, rearward and forward facing seat plus an integrated all-weather seat that cleverly switches… with just a zip! The Nuna IVVI is also loaded with other great features like Nuna’s Revolutionary dream drape - which provides baby with extra protection from the elements, and eight adjustable push bar to make one-hand-pushing/other-hand doing super easy!

mixx-verona-travel-system-8-copy.jpg tavo-caviar-stroller-92205.1530735956-copy.jpg demi-caviar-zoom-09829.1533171999-copy.jpg pepp-next-frost-98371.1538860244.jpg

Nuna Mixx

Nuna Tavo

Nuna Demi Grow

Nuna Pepp