Philips Avent Nipple Variable Flow 3m+ - 196 2pk

Philips Avent Nipple Variable Flow 3m+ - 196 2pk

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Less Air, Less Discomfort.

2 variable flow silicone nipples.
For babies 3 months and over.
Ideal for thicker feeds.

The Variable Flow provides up to three different flow rates that are ideal for thicker feeds, such as pulpy juices or cereals.

How does the Variable Flow Nipple work?
Designed for thicker feeds, this nipple has one laser-cut slot instead of holes, so you can vary between 3 flow rates while your baby is drinking.
Simply turn the bottle to align the I, II or III markings on the side of the nipple with your baby?Ñ?ü?Ñ??s nose, so that the thicker liquid flows through at the right speed.
More markings create a wider opening.

Note: Do not use Variable Flow as an alternative to the Slow, Medium and Fast Flow Nipples, as marking I is faster than the Fast Flow Nipple.

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