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STOKKE SLEEPI System 1 [Crib + Mini (Bassinet)]

STOKKE® SLEEPI™ - Children grow in their sleep, so does STOKKE® SLEEPI™

STOKKE® SLEEPI™ Mini (Bassinet)
STOKKE® SLEEPI™ Mini is an excellent first bed for your baby.
It is only 26.5 inches wide, making it very easy to move from room to room.
By gently rocking the Mini on its wheels, you can also stimulate stroller motion that will soothe your baby and help them to sleep. Plus, all the wheels are lockable for safety.

STOKKE® SLEEPI™ is elegant furniture, which can be used as a bassinet, a crib, a toddler bed, or two chairs. With additional parts, you can also turn STOKKE® SLEEPI™ into a junior bed / sofa.
STOKKE® SLEEPI™ is an adjustable bed that can be made smaller or bigger with additional parts.
It can be used from birth through approx 7 years of age.
As your child develops and grows, you can change and adjust the mattress height positions to grow along with them.
When your child is old enough to get out of the bed, you can remove one side for easy access.
This converts STOKKE® SLEEPI™ into an ideal toddler bed. Then, the bed can eventually be converted into two stylish chairs.

Features :

  • Designed to grow with the child
  • Unique oval shape with soft curves for safe and comfortable environment
  • Can be used from birth through approx. 7 years old with additional part
  • Converts to toddler bed and 2 chairs with no additional hardware required
  • Fits through an average doorway, making it easy to move from room to room
  • 4 Adjustable height positions
  • Lockable wheels
  • Made of cultivated beechwood, providing strong, solid and durable product
  • Meets US and international safety standards
  • Includes a conversion kit to convert a crib to a bassinet
  • 5 Wood colors (white, natural, gray, cherry and walnut)
  • 7-Year warranty on wooden components
  • Size: Mini (bassinet) - 26.5" W x 32" L X 33" H / Crib - 29" W x 50" L x 33" H
  • Mattresses are included

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