Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile



Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile

This one-of-a-kind decor mobile will charm your baby with its soft colors, friendly characters, and soothing melodies. Inspired by authentic crafts, it is designed with vintage-like embroidery patterns and has a soft arm cover. Unlike any other decor mobiles - the Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile is the only one that offers a rich variety of electronic features: unique shushing sound (you won't believe how fast it will send babies to a world of dreams), nature sounds, 17 melodies that play up to 30 minutes of continuous music, auto-off timer, rotation, volume control, and LED light. This mobile is all you need to create a chic, charming, inspiring nursery environment of your baby


  • CALMS BABY: Beautiful embroidery details, 3 plush characters and soft arm cover create a peaceful environment
  • AUDITORY STIMULATION: a versatile selection of music, including 30 mins of continuous music and 17 different tunes stimulates baby's senses
  • ENCOURAGES COMMUNICATION: As baby babbles to the adorable plush character hovering above, the foundations for language acquisition are reinforced
  • SUPPORTS EQ: The music, shushing and comforting characters soothe babies at bedtime, reassuring them with familiar sights and sounds
  • HELPS BABY FALL ASLEEP: 5 different white sounds and unique shushing sound helps baby fall asleep. It works like magic!
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