Baby Bjorn Baby Dinner Set


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Baby Bjorn Baby Dinner Set

Cleverly designed for children who want to start self-feeding. A perfect present that comes in a cute gift box.

What’s included in the baby dinner set?
You get all this—in an attractive gift box—when you buy our baby dinner set:

  • A sturdy plate in a trefoil design that makes scooping up food easier

  • An easy-to-grip spoon

  • A fork designed specifically for small hands

  • A stable cup that’s hard to tip over

  • A large bib with a soft, adjustable neckband

How can the design help my baby self-feed?
Our kitchen products have cleverly designed details that suit very young children. The plate’s trefoil shape makes scooping up food easier, while the strip underneath prevents the plate from sliding around. The spoon and fork are shaped to not slide down into the plate, and the short handles are easy to grip. The cup is stable and easy to hold, and its contents can be seen through the frosted plastic. The bib’s soft neckband is adjustable, and the deep spill pocket catches food and mess. This baby dinner set is perfect for children who want to start self-feeding (and parents who want to minimize messiness).

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