Baby Bjorn Potty Training Bundle


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Baby Bjorn Potty Training Bundle

A potty chair, a step stool and a toilet training seat – everything you need for potty and toilet training your child.

Why should I choose the Potty Training Bundle?
In the Potty Training Bundle, we’ve put together clever products designed to make potty training easier and more fun! Here you’ll find everything your child needs—from their very first tinkle in the potty to confidently using the toilet unaided. Durable and practical products that can be used for a long time (and then passed on to the next child).

What does the Potty Training Bundle contain?
Potty Chair is a comfy potty with soft contours, where your child sits safely thanks to the high backrest and the supportive armrests. It has an inner potty that’s easy to take out and clean.

Step Stool is a stable and sturdy stool that makes it easy for your child to reach the sink or toilet training seat unaided. Its non-slip rubber surface provides a good grip for your child’s feet. Remember to always supervise your child when they start to use the step stool.

Toilet Training Seat is a stable and ergonomic seat that’s easy for your child to put on the toilet unaided once they’re big enough to use it instead of the potty. The seat can be used when your child has reached the age of two. Simply hang it from its practical handle when not in use.

When can I begin to use the Potty Training Bundle?
Most young children are ready to stop using diapers somewhere between 18 and 24 months. It may be a good idea to begin potty training when you as a parent have more time, such as during the holidays. Read more about how to succeed with potty training

Are the products safe?
Safety is our top priority—so all bathroom products from BabyBjörn comply with the relevant safety requirements for plastic in both Europe and the USA. This means that the plastic we use undergoes continual rigorous testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances.

When can you start potty training?
Of course every child is different, but many tend to become interested in the potty around the age of 18–24 months.

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