Baby Buddy 360 Toothbrush Stage 6 - Purple


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Baby Buddy 360 Toothbrush Stage 6 - Purple (Formerly Step 2)

Colors are assorted and vary depending on availability.

A New Toothbrush Breakthrough All the Way Around

  • Designed with your mouth in mind
  • The difference is in the bristles
  • Reach more places for greater plaque removal
  • 0.09 mm ultra fine microfiber bristles remove plaque, food particles, massage gums, and effectively clean the tongue
  • Spacing washers between bristle layers allow them to rotate, dry quickly and stay clean

What????¬???s So Different about the 360 Toothbrush?

1) Difference in the Bristles:
The 360 Toothbrush's Bristles are Short, but made of Soft, High Elastic, Ultra Fine Micro Fiber.

2) Difference in Patent Technology
The 360 Toothbrush's patented design features washers, which bridge between bristle layers, enabling the toothbrush to dry quickly and say clean.

3) Difference in Unique Design
The 360 Toothbrush does not have grooves for bristles like usual toothbrushes, which use copper wire to hold the bristles in place. Toothpaste, fat, and protein can get stuck into these grooves of usual toothbrushes, thus making an environment for germs to survive and grow.

4) Difference in Brushing
The 360 Toothbrush has been designed to reach and clean every corner of the mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue.
- Brush side ways, up and down and in any direction to keep teeth clean.
- Consumers claim the most effectiveness in tongue cleaning.
- Soft Ultra Fine Micro Fine bristles enable brushing with WATER ONLY????¬???? take to work, while camping, or on the road and brush with ease!

5) Difference in Durability
The 360 Toothbrush lasts about 3-6 months, according to customer reviews.
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