Bombol Pop-up Booster is cleverly designed to be ultra portable and ultra durable!

Oct 17th 2019

Bombol Pop-up Booster is cleverly designed to be ultra portable and ultra durable!

Bombol Booster Seat

Bombol Compact Booster Seat

When you’re searching for a booster chair you’ll likely find bulky, space not-so-saving, not aesthetically pleasing plastic seats. While this might be fine for the grandparents, Bombol has changed the game for modern parents that want the freedom to travel the world and dine out with their little one without having to eliminate their favorite restaurants due to the lack of readily available high chairs. Bombol Pop-up Booster is cleverly designed to make this one of the strongest, most portable booster seat in the market.

Bombol Easy Booster SeatDue to their compact design, you can take this with you around the globe or to your local coffee shop! The seat will give your little one a boost to sit right up to the table and partake in feeding and/or activities. Installation is as easy as opening it up and locking it into a safe position. The Bombol Pop-Up Booster is the only booster seat you’ll ever need. At $149.00, Bombol is giving you convenience, design, long lasting, and an adaptable booster seat for toddlers 6 months and up. 

Bombol Booster Seat Holds 165 lbsBombol’s Pop-up Booster is seriously lightweight at roughly 2.5 lbs and folds super compact to the size of a book. Their unique origami like design makes it able to withstand up to roughly 165 lbs with no steel or plastic reinforcements. The booster seat is made to fit directly on top of almost all kinds of chair designs. As long as the chair has a back, the booster seat will likely be compatible. If you have any questions regarding compatibility, we are always here to help! Shoot us an email.

Bombol Booster Seat For All Sizes

Bombol Booster Seat Ergonomic DesignWhile Bombol’s design is unique to booster seats, the safety standard must be met to sell this product and they did not compromise! Equipped with a removable 5-point harness, Bombol Pop-up Booster not only meets the international safety standard for boosters, they also fit the standard for adult furniture and are compliant with REACH and CPSIA standards to guarantee that the product is free from any harmful substances.  

Safety Bombol Seat FeaturesThe outer shell of the Pop-Up Booster is stain, abrasion, and odor proof! No need to worry about having spaghetti for dinner and having most of it end up on the seat instead of their mouth. Included with the booster seat is a seat cover to keep the integrity of your chair. Along with a travel bag to make traveling with this book sized booster seat even more portable. Bombol Pop-up Booster has glowing reviews! Especially from parents that is wary of the high chairs used overseas or in restaurants that might not meet the sanitary requirements like their kitchen. Your little one will feel like one of the big kids in their booster seat!

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