Bugaboo Lightweight Travel Stroller Ant

Jun 20th 2019

Bugaboo Ant Multi-Recline Stroller Parents these days are using their travel stroller way more than their full size stroller. Parents want a compact stroller with the same amenities as a full size stroller. Bugaboo has announced their take in a travel stroller that took 10 years to design called ANT. Get it? It’s small yet strong and that’s exactly what Bugaboo is offering with their Ant Travel Stroller. It’s everything you know and love about Bugaboo, stylish, iconic, and a reliable compact stroller that lasts for years.

Bugaboo Ant Parent Facing Seat The Bugaboo Ant does more than your average travel stroller. First, it comes with a reversible seat so you have the option for parent facing or world facing. The seat itself is taller than its competition and is suitable for up to 50 lbs! An adjustable handle bar makes it suitable for the tallest parents. Every travel stroller should now be able to fit in an overhead compartment and Bugaboo does just that but

Bugaboo Ant Compact Fold Stroller Bugaboo is approved by most airlines. The Ant folds up compact and can be pushed/pulled like luggage making it easier for those long walks out of the terminal.

Bugaboo Ant Travel Stroller Weighing in at less than 16 lbs, Bugaboo Ant Stroller starts at $499.00 and will increase depending on color preference.

The Bugaboo Ant Travel Stroller is available to pre-order now and will start shipping from Kidsland starting 9/1.

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Bugaboo Ant Stroller in Black Bugaboo Ant Stroller in Grey Bugaboo Ant Stroller in Steel Blue
Bugaboo Ant Stroller - Black/Black
Bugaboo Ant Stroller - Aluminum/Grey Melange
Bugaboo Ant Stroller - Aluminum/Steel Blue