Introducing: Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer

Posted by BigCommerce on Aug 25th 2022

Introducing: Bombol Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer

Meet the most-comfortable booster!

The makers of the ultra portable and fastest selling Pop-Up Booster, Bombol, have launched a new product to their lineup! Introducing, the Bamboo 3Dknit Bouncer – the comfiest bouncer ever.

If you’re an expectant mom, you absolutely need to look into adding a bouncer to your Baby Registry. We all need to shower, grab a meal, or basic household chores but the question remains… Where will the baby go? Eventually, you’ll need to put your precious little one down. A safe and reliable bouncer provides the optimal space and structure for your baby to hang out while giving parents a chance to get stuff done around the house while keeping an eye on the baby.

Now let’s talk about all the way Bombol Bouncer is comfy:

  • One piece knit fabric hugs your newborn like a hammock with no seams but sags in the right places.
  • Fabric is mesh knitted for breathability and air flow.
  • Dynamic backrest allows the baby to choose its own angle using their weight and strength like an ergonomic chair.
  • Parent lock on the backrest so you can choose the perfect angle when baby sleeps.
  • Bounces with baby’s movement and gravity.

The Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer main features:

  • Certified from newborn to 5yrs (about 100kg)
  • Engineered 3D knit backrest for breathability and strength
  • Self-adjusting with the dynamic backrest for the child to choose his own angle
  • Backrest lock so parents can determine position
  • Bounces with child’s movement and gravity (of course)
  • Aerospace grade aluminum on frame for strength and feather weight
  • Super Compact fold- 28.5in x 16.5in x 6.7in

Most bouncers have a short life span and are only suitable to be used for the first few months. Bombol went to extreme lengths to make it suitable from birth to 5 years old for long term use. Think of it as a piece of furniture.Why not get more bang for your buck?

As a mom, the safety of my baby is my highest priority and for the Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer to pass both standards, gives me reassurance that I can safely lay my baby down for moments throughout the day.

The Bamboo 3D Knit Bouncer is currently available at for $299.00 with free shipping.