Introducing the Cybex Sirona S : Rotating Convertible Car Seat

Jul 31st 2020

Introducing the first convertible car seat in the US to feature 360 degree rotatable seat with a load leg! Newborns become toddlers in a blink of an eye. They also get heavy, really quickly! Cybex Sirona S is here to prevent a pending back blow-out. Sirona S, $499.95, is available NOW so if you haven’t settled on a convertible car seat just yet, keep reading!

Cybex Sirona S Lavastone

If you have made a deep dive into researching car seats, you might have come across 360 degree rotating car seats only to find out that they’re not available in the United States, we’ve been getting phone calls for several years now for this exact product! While there are several models available in the European market, Cybex Sirona S is the first in the United States to offer this functionality.

So what is a 360 degree rotating car seat?

Rotating Sirona S Car Seat

Cybex Sirona S is a revolutionary 360 degree rotatable convertible car seat jam packed with safety features for your little one. 360 degree rotation allows you to use one hand to rotate the seat from rear facing to door facing to front facing, making it a breeze. Install the base and you’ll be able to start rotating in no time! No more awkward positions for parents when clipping their kid into the car seat. Simply rotate the convertible car seat to door facing and you’ll easily be able to strap in your little one in safely. Then simply rotate to rear facing if they’re less than 50 lbs or forward facing if they’re over 50 lbs. It’s that simple! Once they’re old enough, they’ll be able to hop in and out on their own with a little help from the parents.

Packed with safety features, we will break down each feature to help you understand why you want to add this car seat to your cart immediately.

Sensorsafe: Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t but most current Cybex Platinum and Gold tiered car seats are now equipped with Sensorsafe, Sirona S included. SensorSafe is a smart chest clip that enhances the safety of your child in the car seat. How? Cybex fused smart technology and design to keep track of the safety and wellbeing of your child. SensorSafe works with your smartphone to alert you when something is wrong. For example: if your little one decides to unbuckle their chest clip, if the car temperature gets too hot, or you accidentally leave your little one in the car (mom brain, it happens.). If any of these sensors are triggered, you and anyone else that are registered to receive alerts will be alerted, helping prevent disastrous situations for your precious little ones.

Cybex Sensorsafe Feature

Load Leg Technology: Similar to Nuna and Clek, Cybex has decided to add a load leg to their Sirona S base. A load leg is attached to the base and is made to be installed to the base of your car’s floor to add stability and can reduce rotation and rebound in certain crashes by 30%.

Cybex Sirona S Load Leg for Safety

EasyLock Bar: Cybex Sirona S is the only Convertible Car Seat in North America with a one-time vehicle belt installation for both rear-facing and forward-facing mode. Simply install once and you don’t have to worry about it when it comes time to switch from rear facing to forward facing and vice versa.

Linear Side Impact Protection: Absorbs 25% more impact in a collision compared to the same car seat without the L.S.P. extended.

Anti-rebound Design: The base acts as an anti-rebound to help reduce rebound car seat movement when rear-facing. This helps reduce whiplash in the event of an accident.

With all these safety features, there are also comfort features for your little one like multiple recline positions to keep them comfortable. Cybex Sirona S will be available soon and is available for pre-order at Cybex Sirona S is innovative and Cybex continues to push the bar forward as far as using smart technology to assist parents.