Silver Cross WAVE : 2019 UPDATE

Apr 8th 2019

Early this year we shared with you a post about Silver Cross’ brand new stroller called Coast. While the Silver Cross Coast stroller made its debut, their most popular stroller – the Wave - got really great updates with new and improved features. The Wave is a fantastic choice for parents looking for a full-size stroller with all the features they would want and need. Not to mention, this stroller is future-proofed and can accommodate a 2 nd child whenever you’re ready, and is also great for twins!

NEW updates for 2019:

1. Reduced weight, now 3 lbs lighter!

the Silver Cross’ brand new stroller Coast, diagram of stroller configurations          You’re probably thinking, only 3 lbs lighter? It’s actually a huge deal! One of the draw backs that I had with the original Silver Cross Wave stroller was that it was heavier than other brands that provide the same features. Reducing the weight by 3 lbs puts the new Silver Cross Wave Stroller head to head with the UPPAbaby Vista, the Baby Jogger City Select and the Nuna Demi Grow.

2. Approved for 30 different configurations

          Let’s be honest, you’ll probably stick to your favorite configuration for most of your strolling but to find your favorite, you need options. Compared to Baby Jogger’s 16 configurations, Silver Cross has gone above and beyond the industry norm. This is important for growing families; Silver Cross Wave will fit any lifestyle.

3. Deeper thermal molded bassinet

          Many parents use a bassinet on their stroller for newborn babies for extra comfort and protection. Silver Cross has made their bassinet deeper to provide more protection and making it suitable for overnight sleeping when used with their stand. They use natural bamboo fabric to help regulate temperature and have antibacterial qualities. Keep in mind that bassinets should only be used up to 15 lbs or when the baby is able to sit on their own.

4. Car Seat adapters are sold separately

          Car seat adapters are now sold separately. So, if you plan on using an infant car seat with your 2019 Wave, make sure to purchase the appropriate adapters separately.

the Silver Cross’ brand new stroller Coast, shop Kidsland5. Introducing Slate Colorway

          Silver Cross has introduced a new colorway option to their line-up, slate. This gorgeous, modern hue is even more beautiful in person!

6. Ships in one box!

          This change, while you might think doesn’t affect you, it totally does! Most of our in-store customers did not have the space in their car to take home their brand new Silver Cross Wave Stroller. They had to have it assembled by our team (which we do for free at Kidsland!) and the boxes were thrown away. This can be a problem if down the line you have a case of buyer’s remorse and choose to return the product.
Silver Cross 2019 Wave Stroller - Granite
Silver Cross 2019 Wave Stroller - Slate
Silver Cross 2019 Wave Stroller - Sable

All in all, the 2019 Silver Cross Wave is a great option for parents who want a luxury stroller with options to grow with the family. The Silver Cross Wave Stroller is now available at