UPPAbaby 2020 Vista V2 & Cruz V2 Stroller Upgrades, New Colors, and Everything Else We Know!

Sep 19th 2019


UPPAbaby, one of the most popular brands at our store, has some announced big changes coming in 2020! The estimated release date of the V2 versions of their Cruz and Vista is February 2020. If you need a stroller sooner than their release date, 2019 versions are still available to PURCHASE NOW. They have improved their performance and functions to their most popular strollers, Vista and Cruz. The price for Vista V2 & Cruz V2 is currently TBD but we have the details on the new upgrades, and colors.

Uppababy New Vista Colors

What to expect:

2020 Vista V2 Single, Double, Twins, or up to three kids stroller

Uppababy New Vista V2

The Vista stroller was meant for growing families and it still is with their Vista V2 Stroller but with added features for both the baby and parents. Along with brand new colors to their 2020 line up!

1. First up we are going to talk about the upgrades to their toddler seat. The Vista V2 toddler seat will have a higher back and deeper footrest. These small details will be appreciated by your little one.

2. Five-point no-rethread harness. This is a relief! Most parents I know don’t utilize this function anyway due to the cumbersome process. Currently there are three slots so as your child grows, ideally, you want to rethread the harness by going into the seat and re-positioning the harness higher up so that your child can be securely strapped in. 

This requires you to take the fabric off, adjusting the harness to the correct spot, and configuring the fabric back onto the seat frame. It’ll count as your work out of the day! But all of that will be gone with their five-point no-rethread harness that will be equipped in the Vista V2 stroller! Whew!

3. Extendable canopy with UPF 50+ protection, zip out fabric and mesh panels. We are expecting the canopy to provide much more protection than before. And if you’re in Los Angeles like us, we need all the shade we can get!

4. Enhanced all-wheel suspension and softer tires. There will be a visible change from the current Vista and the Vista V2 and this is due to enhanced all-wheel suspension being housed underneath the seat on each side. This will provide a smoother ride for the parents and your little one.

2020 Cruz V2 Single Stroller

Uppababy New Cruz V2The Cruz, single stroller, is receiving sweet upgrades as well. Some features are going to be the similar to the Vista like the toddler seat, five-point no-rethread harness, and extendable canopy. But they’ll be receiving their own upgrades as well.

1. Both front and rear tires are now larger to provide a smoother ride against rough terrain.

Uppababy New Cruz V2 Compact Fold2. Larger easy access basket with added storage pockets is now able to hold 30 lbs.

3. Folds smaller making it easier to store and carry. 

4. The frame is now made of aluminum and magnesium frame for lightweight and optimal performance.

Kidsland is an authorized seller of UPPAbaby and we will be carrying the full range of 2020 Vista V2 and 2020 Cruz V2 strollers at Kidslandusa.com. Kidsland will start taking pre-orders soon. Stay in touch to find out more information regarding UPPAbaby 2020 by signing up for our newsletter.
If you need a stroller sooner than their release date, 2019 versions are still available to

Uppababy 2020 Vista - Alice Uppababy 2020 Vista V2 Finn Uppababy 2020 Vista V2 - Hazel
2020 Uppababy V2 Vista - Alice
Coming February 2020
2020 Uppababy V2 Vista - Finn
Coming February 2020
2020 Uppababy V2 Vista -Hazel
Coming February 2020