Colgate Ultimate Mattress


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Innerspring Mattresses

This mattress is designed to be the best quality standard style innerspring crib mattress available today. The Ultimate uses a Holland style spring unit with four different coil types that are 12.5 gauge that are designed to provide maximum support and comfort in the different areas of the mattress.
There are edge coils, corner coils and right and left had turn, free-end offset coils. These coils are heavier than most adult units. It also has a 6.0 gauge border rod which, too, is heavier than adult mattresses.
The cover is hospital grade, anti-microbial, triple laminated, and liquid proof.

Features :

  • America's best quality standard style innerspring crib mattress
  • Attractive, liquid proof cover
  • Extra durable to provide a comfortable nights sleep for baby
  • 51.5W x 27.5L x 5.375D inch.
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