Nuna SENA Aire Playard

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Birth to 30lbs or 35 inches
Bassinet Usage:
Birth to 15 lbs (approx 5 months of age)
Open Dimensions:
29.5 x 41.3 x 30.7 in
Closed Dimensions:
11 x 13 x 31.5 in
Product Weight:
22 lbs.
What's Included:
Bassinet; Organic cotton sheet; Carry bag
2 years
Mattress’s zip-off design is machine washer and dryer safe.


Put up. Put down. Transform any room into baby’s room—in seconds. Whether it’s a family get-together or baby’s first holiday by the sea, SENA aire series is your


  • converts easily from bassinet to play yard
  • bassinet folds with frame
  • sets up and folds with one hand
  • mesh sides, floor and mattress combine to create the advanced air design™, allowing air flow from every angle
  • mattress’s zip-off design is machine washer and dryer safe
  • ventilated mattress pulls away both heat and humidity
  • ventilated mattress panels easily remove for deep cleaning
  • no extras needed—even the organic sheet is included
  • a chic look—perfect for home and away
  • unique zigzag frame pops open quickly and easily
  • sets up and folds easily with one hand
  • the bassinet that folds with the frame
  • above-ground base keeps baby draft-proof
  • skid-proof feet keep sleep quiet and still
  • travel bag included with easy carry handle
  • available in regular and mini size
  • water-resistant, durable fabric resists stains, drips and tears mesh fabric sidesa
  • eight leg design provides double the durability and stability
  • sturdy, aluminum frame is easy to transport


bassinet & playard fabric:

  • spot clean
  • air dry completely before folding
  • do not use abrasive or bleach
  • not removable


  • remove boards
  • hand wash or machine wash in lukewarm water using mild soap
  • dryer safe, delicate
  • do not use bleach

mattress boards:

  • rinse with water
  • air dry

organic sheet:

  • hand wash or machine wash in lukewarm water using mild soap

frame and plastic parts:

  • wipe with a damp cloth
  • air dry



  • zigzag frame
  • sets up and folds with one hand
  • bassinet folds with the frame


  • eight leg design for durability and stability
  • padded edges


  • polyester
  • plastic
  • aluminum


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Baby must have happy for playing on Nuna Sena playards

Nuna Sena playard is a unique and innovative product that provides comfort and relaxation for baby. The playard has an air design that allows for maximum airflow, which is essential for relieving stress on the baby's lungs. Zigzag legs make opening the playard quick and easy, making it perfect for when you are in a hurry. The soft fabrics and bouncy surfaces of the playards will make baby's playing experience fun and enjoyable.

The bassinet attachment is also a great feature, as it makes it easy to change the baby without having to get up from the playard. This is ideal for parents who want to spend as much time with their child as possible.

The play yard is designed to be used from birth up to 4 months of age. The bassinet can be used for newborns and infants up to 15 pounds.

This playard comes in a variety of colors, and it's easy to fold up and store when not in use. It's also very easy to clean, and it comes with a travel bag for convenience.

Nuna Sena playards are designed to make baby happy and keep them always entertained! 

Packing Nuna Sena Aire Playard for travel

Nuna Sena Aire Playard is a portable crib that can be used as a full-size bed. The playard has an air design that allows for maximum airflow and relaxation. It is easy to open and pack, making it perfect for travel. The bassinet attachment makes it ideal for room sharing in small spaces, as it can be detached from the rest of the system to become a separate playpen for toddlers.

Nuna's premium changing station has two soft-close doors that open from both the front and the side, making it easy to get your baby in and out.

As well, Nuna Sena special carrycot can be attached to either side of the main unit, making it simple to transport from room to room.

Installing Nuna Sena playard bassinet/changers

The innovative Nuna Sena playard bassinet/changers is easy to install - just secure the snaps underneath the rim around the top of the sides. It is practical and safe for slightly older babies, but not for toddlers who can sit or pull up.

The major downside to note is installation - it requires 8 combination buckle and snaps to be secured beneath the rim around the top of the sides.

Taking down your Nuna Sena Aire

Nuna Sena Aire travel crib is a safe and stylish play yard for your toddler designed to provide 360 of comfort for your baby. Its mesh mattress and air-filled crib are designed to keep your baby cool and comfortable. The crib has an easy up and down design that makes it convenient for you to use.

The crib comes with a fitted sheet and a travel bag for easy transportation. The frame is made of sturdy aluminum and the mattress can be lowered to two different levels for continued use as a travel crib or play yard.

Nuna Sena Aire is a safe and stylish bassinet/playpen. The frame is made of sturdy zigzag aluminum, and the mattress can be lowered to the lower level for continued use as a travel crib or play yard.

The bassinet weight limit is 15 pounds, and the play yard weight limit is 30 pounds.

Mattresses & sheets to use with Nuna Sena Aire playard

The mattress and sheet are machine washable. The mini size of the Nuna Sena Aire playard is perfect for room sharing with a baby.

Use a mattress and sheets specifically designed for use with a playard, as these will conform better to the playard's shape and provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. Make sure the mattress is at least 18 inches thick and firm enough to support your child's weight and distribute their body weight evenly.

Nuna mattress is also GREENGUARD Gold certified and includes an organic cotton fitted sheet. 360 soft mesh ventilation ensures your child stays cool while they sleep. GOTS Certified organic cotton fitted sheet included in the package makes taking down the play yard easy and mess-free

If your child is too heavy or too large for the mattress, you may need to upgrade to a crib or an infant bed that is specifically designed for use with a playard.

Follow all safety instructions when using your new mattress and sheets, including not smoking in bed, using caution while changing the baby's diapers in bed, avoiding sharp edges on furniture near the crib/infant bed area, keeping cords away from the crib/infant bed area, and never leaving a child unattended in a playard.

Always wash your new mattress and sheets before use to prevent any possible allergens from building up. Keep your playard in an easily accessible place so you can take it with you when you move or if your child outgrows it.

Nuna Sena Aire compared to other baby playards

Nuna Sena Aire is a relatively new baby playard that has received many positive reviews. It is easy to set up and use, and it features an air design that delivers maximum airflow for unparalleled relaxation. The playard comes with a bassinet that is suitable for newborns. The bassinet can be attached quickly and easily, and the zigzag leg design makes it easy to open quickly and quietly. The mattress is ventilated, making it ideal for hot environments or those who suffer from allergies or asthma, as well as machine-washable for convenience.

Nuna Sena Aire is a playard that has been designed specifically for newborns and infants. It incorporates innovative features such as the "Swingnest" bassinet, which enables newborns to move around and explore their surroundings freely. The bassinet also has a vibrating motion that helps to soothe them, while the blanket provides warmth and security. The bassinet can be removed when the child has outgrown it, making way for a full-sized crib.

Nuna Sena Aire mattress does not require the use of a box spring. It is made of 360 of air mesh that keeps your baby cool and comfortable. The triple-layered ventilated mattress helps to improve breathability and pulls away heat and humidity for a deeper sleep.

The playard is easy to assemble and fold down, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Aire playard comes with a travel bag that allows you to carry it around easily. All Nuna Sena playards come with a one-year warranty, ensuring that you have total peace of mind when using this product.

Some additional features include:

  • The playard features an above-ground base and skid-proof feet that keep it still during use.
  • The bassinet attachment makes changing babies easy, and the mattress can be easily removed for deep cleaning.
  • Nuna Sena Aire playard can accommodate babies up to six months old.
  • Babies should be placed in the playard on their back and do not require a crib mattress.
  • Nuna Sena Aire playard has a bassinet that can be used for overnight use.
  • The bassinet is removable, so you can place the baby in the main part of the playard if you need more space or if your baby is too large for the bassinet.
  • There are two side panels that can be opened to allow access to your baby while they are sleeping or playing in the playard.
  • Nuna Sena Aire playard features a canopy and soft, plush materials.
  • The playard is easy to move and has a carrying strap.
  • It also has skid-proof feet to keep it from moving as your baby plays and padded corners to prevent little fingers from getting pinched.

Nuna Sena Aire travel crib is designed to be the ultimate comfort for your baby - as well as easy and convenient for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Nuna Sena Aire Playard (FAQs):

How long can baby sleep in Nuna Sena Aire playard?

Nuna Sena Aire playard can be used with newborns, up to 3 months old. The playard has three positions, allowing you to change the position of the baby to suit your child's needs. Nuna Sena Aire playard is perfect for parents who want to safely sleep their baby. Baby can sleep in a Nuna Sena Aire playard for up to 12 hours. 

How do you clean a Nuna Sena Aire mattress?

The Nuna Sena Aire mattress has a water-resistant, soft and firm feel, with a removable cover. The Aire mattress is designed to be machine-washable and can be cleaned with a dryer. The Nuna Sena Aire mattress is also free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. The easy up/down playard design makes it easy to clean the mattress, even if a mess gets past the sheet.

  • Clean the mattress with a mild soap and warm water.
  • Place a clean, dry cloth on the surface of the mattress.
  • Gently press down on the cloth while moving it in circles around the entire mattress.
  • Let the cleaning process Completed before putting your bed back together.

What is the difference between Nuna Sena and Sena Aire?

Nuna Sena is a brand of Sena Aire. The difference between Nuna Sena and Sena Aire is the availability of a changing station.

The main differences between the Nuna Sena, Sena Aire and Sena Aire Mini playards include:

  • The size of the playard
  • The attachment for toppers (COVE Aire Go does not have one)
  • The type of fabric used on the playard
  • The type of mattress used on the playard (foam vs. spring)
  • The type of mattress support (spring vs. foam)

Can newborn sleep in Nuna Sena Aire playard?

The short answer to this question is "Yes" if the baby is under 1 year of age and weighs less than 15 pounds.

The playard is designed to be used for babies who can hold their head up and sit unassisted. If your baby meets these requirements, you may use the Nuna Sena Aire with a topper. However, the playard is not designed for use with an infant bassinet or sleeping bag. 

How long can you use Nuna Sena playard?

You can use Nuna Sena playard for 3 years, and it is also a good option for your baby from newborn to toddler.

This playard is designed for the baby who can hold his/her head up and sit without assistance, but it is also suitable for younger babies when used with a topper. Note that it is not designed for use with an infant bassinet or sleeping bag.

If your baby can hold his/her head up, sit without assistance and pull to a stand, then he/she may be ready to move into a crib or toddler bed. Use of the playard is not recommended for babies who are able to climb out, walk or run. If your baby is under 3 years old, please use the playard with a topper. 

Can you use Nuna Sena Aire as a bassinet?

The Nuna Sena Aire can be used as a travel crib or play yard until your child reaches 30 pounds. This model can be used also as a bassinet from newborn until your baby is 15 pounds or weighs 30 pounds, whichever comes first.

Can you use the Nuna Sena Aire as a crib?

Nuna Sena Aire is a safe and stylish travel crib that can be used until your child is 30 pounds. It encompasses your baby in 360 degrees of soft mesh to keep them cool and comfortable. Triple layered ventilated mattress not only improves breathability, but it also pulls away heat and humidity so your baby can achieve a deeper sleep even during the summer months.

The easy up and down design allows you to quickly open and close the crib without a hassle. Note that the height limit for the Nuna Sena Aire is 35 inches tall. 

Is the Nuna Sena Aire Playard really worth its price?

Nuna Sena Aire Playard is a revolutionary cot that has many unique features and has been advertised as providing peace of mind for parents. It is perfect for room sharing with another baby, as it has a bassinet attachment that folds with the frame, and its zigzag legs open quickly and easily without making noise or disturbing others in the family room.

Nuna Sena Aire Playard set includes the fabric and mesh canopy, a carry bag with shoulder straps and adjustable handle, a changing table, two side tables for toys or snacks, and a storage tray.

All Nuna products are designed with unparalleled safety and comfort in mind, so the Aire Playard is a great option for parents looking for an affordable, portable play pen for their kids!