Dr. Brown Rachel's Remedy Natural Breast Relief Pads - 2-Pack


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Dr. Brown's Rachel's Remedy Natural Breast Relief Breastfeeding Pads - 2-Pack

Prevent and soothe sore nipples and breastS with Dr. Brown's Rachel's Remedy Natural Breast Relief Packs. Dr. Brown's Rachel's Remedy moist heat therapy provides natural, hands-free prevention and relief for common breastfeeding problems. The Relief Packs help encourage let-down, prevent mastitis, and relieve clogged ducts, engorgement, milk blebs and more. Using Dr. Brown's Rachel's Remedy Breast Relief packs also helps to increase milk supply and sooth sore and tired nipples and breasts. With Dr. Brown's Rachel's Remedy, moms can breastfeed longer and less painfully by treating their breastfeeding conditions conveniently, discretely, effectively and safely. Made with 100% organic cotton cloth and flaxseed. Made in the USA.

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