Itzy Ritzy Travel Wipes Case - Blush


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Itzy Ritzy Travel Wipes Case - Blush

Our travel wipes case is a stylish and practical way to carry and store your baby wipes! This wipes case can accommodate mid-size wipes packs of up to 64 wipes, and its opening is designed to fit all shapes and sizes of wipe dispensers. Carry the wipes case as a clutch or attach it to your car visor or seat back using the removable clips to always have wipes within reach.

  • Accommodates mid-size wipes packs of up to 64 wipes
  • Includes removable clips to attach to a car visor, seat pocket or diaper bag
  • Ideal for storing baby wipes, make up removing wipes, body cleansing wipes and disinfecting wipes
  • Coordinates perfectly with our Black + White Boss Backpack Diaper Bag!
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