Micro Kickboard Scooter Heads - Light Pink Unicorn Rose


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Micro Kickboard Scooterheadz - Light Pink Unicorn Rose

Bring a friend along on every ride with a colorful, funky Scooter Head! Choose from a variety of characters to make your adventures even more fun. They attach simply to the T-bar of your scooter: simply widen the grip on the back, pointing the mouth toward the sky and pressing toward the vertical T-bar. No need to move the grips; your Scooter Head can rest on top of them. Next, simply push the nose down so it’s a snug fit on your scooter. Now you’re ready to cruise!

These durable, long-lasting accessories can be used with Mini and Maxi scooters, and should not be exposed to excessive heat or cold. Micro Lights can be used with Scooter Heads when attached to the scooter's stem. Other accessories may not be compatible or safe to use with Scooter Heads. 

Scooter Heads are not compatible with joystick, O-bar steering, or chopper-style steering (e.g, the Maxi Deluxe Pro).
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