Mima Moon 2G High Chair

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Usage as Lounger:
Birth to 6 months
Usage as High Chair:
6-36 months
Usage as Junior Chair:
36 months to 99lbs.
Unit Weight:
Dimensions (in):
25 L x 21.6 W x 31-46 H
Acessories sold separately:
Infant Insert, Junior Seat Cushion
2 years
What we love about it:
Unique modern design, long term use, height adjustable



Mima's Moon 2G high chair is sleek and unique, with an aerodynamic feel, light materials, and three different seats for your child: infant lounger, high chair, junior chair (child up to age 10). The 3-in-1 high chair is adjustable to a newborn, high and junior seat. 

The design consists of a single column with dual feet that hold up one side of the seat in clear plastic shell and also has an inner white seat for fabric or leather protection. The serial and model numbers are located on a sticker on the inside of one of the two feet that form the base of the high chair. The Mima Moon is made of a combination of components that are recyclable and/or reusable.

Mima's high chair was designed by her husband, Maximilian Büsser, who also designed the MIMA watch. Max has a history of designing products that are both functional and aesthetic masterpieces. The highchair is made from recyclable polypropylene plastic and stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean.

The Mima Moon is an ergonomic high chair that provides comfort for baby as well as the parents. It has a unique design that allows parents to sit baby up at the table with them. Babies love being able to take part in family meals and this chair makes it possible. The Mima Moon is also a great place for baby to rest when not at the table.

The Mima Moon 2G can be used as a newborn lounger or highchair, offering the ability to change position from seated to reclined easily. This chair is great for newborn loungers, who are looking to be comfortable. This chair is suitable for those aged six months until they reach 36 months old and weigh up to 99 pounds.

The Mima Moon 2g is a luxury high chair that has all the features of a dream high chair. It's easy to clean, comfortable for baby and parent, folds up small enough to fit in a closet or trunk, and has a removable tray that can be used as an activity tray.

The Mima Moon 2G has a 5-point safety harness, adjustable seat reclines and height, and aluminum chassis.

The Mima Moon 2g high chair has a unique easy clean seat pad that can be removed and washed. The seat pad has a waterproof liner on the inside and an easy clean vinyl cover with a padded cushion on the outside. It also comes with two extra seat pads that can be used as replacement pads or as a cushion when the baby is sitting in the chair.


The Mima Moon 2g High Chair is a high chair with seven colors to choose from or purchase multiple inserts to change out with season, style, or age. The Stokke Tripp Trapp Classic Cushion comes in six colors and includes an additional six colors. You can also get the Joovy Nook Southern Sea Otter National Park Foundation Edition, which is eco-friendly. All these options are available at a low price point compared to other products on the market.


MIMA Moon 2G Black Specifications:

  • The MIMA Moon 2G is a chair that converts into a highchair and junior chair.
  • The modern design adds sophistication to any space it occupies.
  • The MIMA Moon 2g Baby High Chair can be used in three stages, including a newborn lounger, high chair and junior chair.
  • The wide letter "m" shaped base allows for maximum load of 45 kg/ 99 lbs.
  • The Baby Headrest is sold separately and helps with newborn lounging.
  • The seat liner is light, resistant, and easy to clean.
  • The aluminum chassis is light yet very stable.
  • The tray detaches easily with just a baby wipe.


Accessories for the Mima Moon 2G Highchair

Onyx Divided Food Tray

The Mima Moon 2G Highchair is easy to clean, with a removable tray and booster. The Onyx Divided Food Tray is an accessory for the Mima Moon 2G Highchair. The tray is removable, and the booster seat insert is included with the chair. The tray is dishwasher safe, and the booster seat can be wiped clean.

Apple Park Snack Pouch

The Apple Park Snack Pouch is a perfect way to store and carry snacks for your little one. It features a soft, silicone construction that's easy to clean and safe for food contact. The pouch has a zipper closure and comes in three fun designs: pink ladybug, blue whale, and green frog.

ComoTomo Green 8oz 1pk Natural Feel bottle

The ComoTomo Green 8oz 1pk Natural Feel bottle was designed with you and your baby in mind and matches perfectly with your Mima Moon chair design!

It is made of safe, durable materials that will last and is easy to keep clean. This bottle has a natural feel that makes it easy for your baby to hold and drink from. The soft silicone nipple feels like mom's breast, making it an ideal choice for newborns. The wide neck design allows you to easily add milk or formula while the anti-colic valve helps prevent gas and spit-up.

Comotomo bottles are available in green, blue, pink, and purple.

Mima Moon 2G High Chair FAQs

Can you adjust the height on the Moon 2G High Chair?

Yes! The Mima Moon 2G Highchair features an easy height adjustment, so you can customize it to fit your needs. Whether you're wearing shoes or not, you can easily adjust the chair's height with just one button press. 

What is included with the Mima Moon 2G High Chair?

The Mima Moon 2G Highchair comes with a booster and tray, footrest, cushion and head support. The seat pad is optional but can be purchased in a color of your choice. There are two versions of the Baby Headrest which includes a soft cushion for extra comfort for babies.

Does the seat recline on the Mima Moon 2G High Chair?

Yes, the Moon 2G Highchair features a Newborn Lounger position that reclines to different angles. This makes it easier for you to comfort and feed your child.

Can this high chair replace an infant lounger?

The Mima Moon 2G High Chair offers a newborn lounger position perfect for soothing babies. The Mima Moon 2G Highchair is designed to be used as an infant lounger or high chair. Remove the inner seat when your child outgrows it, creating a junior seat for an older child.

The Moon is compatible with the Stokke Clikk highchair, as well.

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