Minimeis Sunshade


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Suitable for children from about 6 months to 4 years old
Certified SPF50+ sun protection

Minimeis Sunshade for G4 carrier

Introducing The Sunshade, crafted to ensure the utmost comfort and protection for your MiniMeis explorer under the sun. Now, your child can relish the splendid MiniMeis view while staying refreshingly cool. Rest assured, they've meticulously checked every box: it's compact, easy to use, and boasts a good looking design. No compromises—just a stylish solution made with love. Whether it's sunshine or a few raindrops, its got your little one covered!

  • Sunshade to keep your kid protected while riding high in the MiniMeis shoulder carrier.

  • Foldable, easy to use, and in stylish black color design.

Why we are into it! It folds up just like a car sunshade making it easy to store away when done using.


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