Nest Training Pants



Nest Natural Plant-Based Training Pants

These eco-friendly, disposable training pants are safe and make potty training a breeze. Designed with your toddler’s health and environment in mind Nest Training Pants are chemical & allergen free. The absorbent core and top-sheet naturally maintain dryness allowing air to flow providing comfort throughout the day and night. Leakage barriers and our flexible side panels minimize leakage yet are comfortable. A wetness indicator strip indicates when it’s necessary to change (yellow to blue). All the materials selected for this diaper has been evaluated to minimize harmful effects on the environment while being baby skin safe.

Additional Information:

Plant-based materials (wood, bamboo, cane)
Free of harmful chemicals and known allergens (Oeko-tex & SGS certified materials)
Underwear-like sides your toddler can pull-up or down easily

SIZE 4 :20-31LB (22 Per Pack)
SIZE 5 :26-40LB (20 Per Pack)

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