OmieBox Kids Utensils Set


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OmieLife Kids Utensils Set with Fork, Spoon, and Travel Case

Introducing a convenient, lightweight, travel fork and spoon set with carrying case from the makers of OmieBox Bento Box. Bright, colorful and fun fork and spoon utensil set is ideal for kids lunches, camping, travel, or whenever you’re on the go. The convenient, nesting flatware set fits anywhere on its own or inside a matching utensil holder.

A wonderful teaching tool for young eaters! Finger guide on the fork handle assists kids in learning how to properly hold a utensil. Start school, pre-school, or kindergarten off right with a reusable and easy to grip fork and spoon set.

The cutlery set fits snugly inside the pod and lifts easily out of the carrying pouch. This is the perfect OmieBox bento box accessory or use as a travel cutlery set to carry with you anywhere. Simply attach to any lunch box handle, purse strap, diaper bag or backpack. Check out our other listings to purchase extra utensil sets, an OmieBox bento box or nylon lunch bag.

The looping design of this innovative utensil set allows for the carrying case to attach to any lunch box handle, purse, tote bag or backpack. The cutlery set and matching pod is the perfect to-go flatware and OmieBox accessory.

Nesting fork and spoon set is safe, reusable flatware made from BPA-Free plastic and is dishwasher safe. Replace your disposable, plastic silverware with a nature-friendly alternative.

Finger guide on the handle of the fork make for an ideal learning tool for young eaters as they are encouraged to hold the utensil properly. A grown up cutlery set with a deep spoon and durable fork, includes rounded edges and easy to grip handle for a kid friendly design.

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