Prince Lionheart Illumipad Changing Pad & Cream Cover

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Prince Lionheart Illumipad Changing Pad & Cream Cover

So simple, yet so brilliant, we don't know why we didn't think of this sooner! We've heard the stories and can now put an end to using phone flashlights that get peed on, holding flashlights in your mouth that fall and wake the entire house, or turning on the overhead light and awakening Baby during nighttime or pre-nap diaper changes... The ILLUMIPAD illuminates the "business end" of Baby -- where you need it most -- without the light ever reaching Baby's eyes. Baby can sleep through the change (especially when using a warm wipe!), and when we're done changing the diaper, we use the glow of the LED light as a nightlight so we can lay Baby back down to sleep. Super soft cover, silicone anti-pee shield, machine washable and dryable (is that even a word?), it's the best of the best!


  • LED light illuminates the diapering area without disturbing baby.
  • Tap light on, tap light off, or tap and forget it.
  • Light has an auto-shut off timer so you can tap and go.
  • Cushiony changing pad for comfort, contoured sides for safety.
  • Safety up the wazoo: straps for baby, grippy bottom to prevent changing pad from slipping.
  • Width: 15.75
  • Height: 4
  • Length: 31.15