Prince Lionheart Table EdgeGUARD - Grey

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Prince Lionheart Table EdgeGUARD - Grey

Child-proof your home's sharp edges for your young child, so that children and adults alike won't get hurt, with these handy Straight Edge Guards from Prince Lionheart. The next best thing to bubble-wrapping your precious little ones is with Lionheart Edge Guard Protectors for sharp table edges. Accidental bangs and bruises happen occasionally with tumbles and falls, and this is the perfect safety tool to soften your impact. Made of a soft foam and secured with 3M double sided tape that's all included in the complete package, your impact will be softened by their shock absorption technology. This pack of 4 measures 15 3/4", and can be used on a wide variety of tables. Available in a variety of colors to blend in with any decor, this shade of white will go well with all your white lacquered tables or sharp edges in the bathroom and kitchen. Pick up a pack today and get some peace of mind!

  • Completely child-proof the sharp table edges in your home
  • Avoid injury by child and parent alike!
  • Accidental falls and tumbles happen, and these edge guards will soften the impact
  • 4-pack of 15 3/4" edge guards fit on a wide variety of tables
  • White color will fit right in with your white lacquered furniture in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Made of a soft foam designed for square tables
  • 3M adhesive tape included
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