Putti Atti Silicone Baby Nipple

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Putti Atti Silicone Baby Nipple

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Product Features:

  • Safe and healthy silicone approved by US FDA and Europe Safety Standard (EN14350)
  • Designed NOT to touch baby's nose
  • STEP 1 - With one hole, it helps the baby to slowly adapt to a baby bottle
  • STEP 2 - With two holes, for babies after 100 days of birth and have strength to suckle
  • STEP 3 - With three holes, for babies who need milk but spend less time drinking
  • STEP 4 - Y shaped hole, for babies who can drink milk at rapid pace and begins baby food

Product Specification:

  • Size: 2.4 x 3.1 x 5.1 in., 0.1 lbs
  • Age: STEP 1: 0-3 Month / STEP 2: 3-6 Month / STEP 3: 6 Month+ / STEP 4: 8 Month +
  • Material: Liquid Silicone Rubber


  • Silicone Baby Nipple STEP 1 (2 pack) (Slow Flow) - For a baby of 0 month old or older (newborn baby)
  • Silicone Baby Nipple STEP 2 (2 pack) (Medium Flow) - For a baby 3 months old or older (100 days after birth-beginning of infant food)
  • Silicone Baby Nipple STEP 3 (2 pack) (Fast Flow) For a baby 6 months old or older (beginning middle of infant food) I30
  • Silicone Baby Nipple STEP 4 (2 pack) (Y Cut) - For a baby 8 months old or older (middle of infant food-beginning of baby food)
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