The First Years Breastflow Disposable Bottle 4oz. 1pk


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The First Years Breastflow Bottle System is perfect for breastfed babies. The patented nipple-within-nipple design requires babies to use the same suction and compression motions they do when nursing. Using Breastflow will allow baby to easily switch from breast to Breastflow and back again; so you are able to breastfeed longer. The nipple also lets baby take in less air while feeding, which reduces discomfort.
Breastflow is available as a Disposable Bottle System and works with Ziploc Brand Disposable Bottle Liners and other bottle liners as well. Includes 5 sample Ziploc liners. Includes one 4oz. nurser, one 2pc Breastflow slow flow nipple, 1 collar, 1 hood, and 5 Ziploc Brand Disposable Bottle Liners.
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