ThinkBaby thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle 25oz - Coated Yellow


Thinksport Insulated Sports Bottle 25oz - Coated Yellow

  • Double-walled and vacuum-sealed stainless steel - keeps contents hot or cold for hours
  • Perfect of hot or cold beverages - does not sweat (for cold contents) or burn your hand (for hot contents)
  • Contoured design - makes the bottle easy to hold and visually distinctive from the many, many straight-walled bottles
  • Removable mesh filter - keeps ice from blocking the drinking spout and allows users to conveniently brew tea on the go
  • Unsurpassed testing for material safety - our products undergo rigorous chemical and biologic testing to insure they do not contain toxic chemicals
  • Available sizes: 750ml (25oz) and 350ml (12oz)
  • Available colors: Natural Silver, Matte Black, and Blue, Purple, Green and Orange

Why a sport bottle?
When we introduced the thinksport bottle over four years ago, most reusable bottles were made of polycarbonate material, which leaches Bisphenol-A (BPA). More recently, it has been shown that aluminum bottles with epoxy liners also leach this harmful chemical. So we first and foremost set out to find a safe material that adhered to our strict chemical policy. All thinksport bottles are made of 18/8 medical- grade stainless steel. We then went on to design our bottles to be highly functional and great-looking too!

How is the thinksport bottle different?
All thinksport bottles are super insulated to keep the contents cold or hot for hours. You can fill our bottle with ice and your favorite drink and enjoy a cold drink without the bottle sweating all over your gym bag, backpack, or desk. All of our bottles also feature a wide mouth opening (for ease of filling and cleaning) and a smaller polypropylene spout (for convenient drinking). We've also built in unique functionality like an interior mesh filter that keeps ice from blocking the drinking spout and allows users to brew tea on the go. So, you get a high-quality insulated sport bottle for about the same price as the other guys' basic single-walled bottles.

How do I care for my thinksport bottle?
While we recommend hand washing our bottles, they are dishwasher safe as long as you remove the cap and strap first. When not using our bottle, keep it clean and dry.

How long does your bottle keep drinks cold?
The short answer is results will vary but a long time! Because of all of the different situations out there, we do not guarantee a time period. However, we generally say "up to 12 hours" and have lots of good stories from happy customers. Some tell us about how they left their thinksport bottle in the car in 100 degree weather only to return to clinking ice five hours later. Others tell us how we kept their drinks cold for longer than 24 hours. One customer even put our bottle in a thermal testing chamber and reported that it was the best bottle he had ever seen.

Do your bottles fit in cup holders?
Our 350ml/12oz bottles are designed to fit in car cup holders while our 750ml/25oz bottles fit some (but not all).

Do your bottles fit in a bicycle water bottle cage?
The 750ml bottle does not fit in a bike cage. While the 350ml bottle will fit, we are cyclists here at thinksport and do not recommend it. Metal bottles are not squeezable and therefore make it difficult to get fluid quickly while riding. If dropped, metal bottles would become a potential hazard for your fellow riders. Our bottles are an excellent choice for short, easy rides when you can loop the bottle over your handlebars or put it in your backpack, panier, etc. and head off to your favorite neighborhood coffee shop.

What are the dimensions of your bottles?
750ml (25oz): 10" high x 3" wide
350ml (12oz): 8" x 2.5" wide
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