Uppababy Knox Convertible Car Seat

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Suitable for approximately 1–6 years old
From 14–45 lbs, and using the included fit inlay from 14–25 lbs
From 25–65 lbs
Up to 49″
23.8” L x 18.8” W x 27.4–32.5” H (height reflects headrest in lowest and highest positions)

Uppababy Knox Convertible Car Seat

From baby to big kid, the KNOX Convertible Car Seat is packed with intuitive safety features and easily adapts as children grow and their positioning needs change.

A natural next step when your child transitions from the MESA infant car seat, the KNOX provides a rear-facing and forwarding-facing solution that accommodates a growing baby and toddler. The KNOX is packed with unique safety innovations and new features that provide a more robust fit in your vehicle.

Uppababy Knox Convertible Car Seat Features:

  • SMARTSecure® System with red-to-green tightness indicator provides visual confirmation the car seat is installed correctly
  • Koroyd® technology integrated into the base creates an effective crumple zone protecting the child from impact forces
  • Multi-Directional Tether for rear and forward-facing travel reduces seat rotation and stress on the child’s head and neck upon impact
  • Two-piece fit inlay allows for flexibility and proper fit
  • No-rethread harness adjusts with eight-position headrest
  • Side Impact Pods for additional impact absorption
  • Active Support Headrest that grows with your child
  • EPP foam between the inner and outer shell ensures forces are absorbed into the seat
  • Color coded belt paths with robust tensioning clips
  • Multi-position, adjustable foot for leveling
  • Storage pockets for harness buckles
  • Bead level indicators on both sides of the seat
  • Removable cup holder included
  • Removable and washable seat fabric
  • One naturally fire resistant option through innovative use of Merino wool

Uppababy Knox features the ultimate damage control system

New features that provide a more robust fit in vehicles include.

  • Recline Indicator – Labeling system provides clear instructions on what positions are acceptable for Rear-Facing and Forward-Facing mode.
  • Two-Piece Fit Inlay – Inlay allows for flexibility and proper fit in the harness system.
  • Wider Base – Increased in size to help with stability while installed in a vehicle.
  • Energy Response Technology ­– A family of features designed to protect and provide unparalleled side impact protection including;
    • Active Support Headrest - Utilizing the absorption and recovery properties of specialized foams, the KNOX headrest provides advanced side impact protection around the child’s head and neck and adjusts to ensure correct positioning as your child grows.
    • Side Impact Pods - Located on the side of the shell and always engaged, the pods absorb and deflect crash forces in the event of a side impact crash.
    • Impact Dispersion Zone - EPP foam strategically placed between the inner and outer shell absorbs crash forces, further protecting the child.

Multi-Directional Tether – An industry first, the Multi-Directional Tether reduces seat rotation and stress on the child’s head and neck in the event of impact. When used in rear-facing mode, the Multi-Directional Tether reduces crash forces by 45%* (*2020 results from crash testing conducted at independent labs in U.S. and Canada).

SMARTSecure™ System – Safety you can see. This unique technology utilizes a tightness indicator and robust tensioning clips to provide a visual confirmation of correct install each and every time.

Koroyd® Technology – Developed from aerospace safety research, innovated for action sports, and now built into the base of the KNOX car seat – a juvenile industry first - Koroyd provides more advanced impact protection. The welded tube structure crumples instantly and consistently on impact, absorbing maximum force in a controlled manner to minimize energy transfer to the child.

Uppababy Knox FAQs

What is the difference between this version of the Uppababy Knox and the 2019 version?

In 2021, Uppababy brought the new KNOX to the marketplace with features that enhance ease of use and fit in vehicle:

  • Recline Indicator – Labeling system provides greater instructional detail on acceptable seat positions in rear-facing and forward-facing mode.
  • Two-Piece Fit Inlay – Inlay allows for flexibility and proper fit in the harness system.
  • Wider Base – Increased in size to help with vehicle install and compatibility.

What options for installation does the Uppababy Knox have?

You can use LATCH in rear-facing mode until a child is 35 lbs. After the child reaches 35 lbs, it’s time to switch to belt installation.

For forward-facing installations, we recommend using belt only as remembering to switch from LATCH to belt is simply one more thing parents could forget.

Is LATCH safer than seatbelt as an installation method?

Both systems are tested to the same rigorous crash testing and meet government safety standards. Installation method depends on what is best for you and your vehicle.

Which position is best for my child to use the Uppababy KNOX?

  • Suitable for approximately 1–6 years old*
  • Rear-facing: from 14–45 lbs, and using the included fit inlay from 14–25 lbs to achieve a proper harness fit.
  • Forward-facing: from 25–65 lbs Height: up to 49″

In both rear-facing and forward-facing mode, the headrest should be positioned at the child’s shoulders to ensure proper fit of the harness. The headrest can lightly touch the shoulders and allow at most a fingertip of space between the child’s shoulders and headrest.

*Knox is not suitable for newborns, as the starting weight will be 14lbs

What color of the Uppababy Knox is free of fire-retardant chemicals?

The high-grade Merino wool blend bonded to foam makes the JORDAN KNOX a naturally fire-resistant, while also passing federal fire safety testing (FMVSS302) without the application of chemical flame retardants and without brominated and chlorinated chemicals.

Can you wash the fabric of the Uppababy Knox?

Yes, you can machine wash the KNOX seat fabric and fit inlay cover on a gentle cycle. The seat base fabric can be removed for easy cleaning. Lay all fabrics flat to dry. We recommend spot cleaning the upper body fabric whenever possible.

Can I fly with the Uppababy Knox?

KNOX is FAA-approved for use in an airplane.

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