Veer Sidewall Kit

$59.00 - $69.00

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28” L x .25” W x 8” H
Cruiser and Cruiser XL
Product Weight:
0.90 lbs
What's included:
2 Sidewalls (right and left panels), 2 Coordinating wheel inserts

Custom Sidewall Kit for Cruiser

Switch things up! Personalize your Cruiser with Veer's fresh custom color Sidewall Kit. Whether you opt for a one-time change or prefer frequent updates, the Sidewall Kit effortlessly fits onto any Veer Cruiser or Cruiser XL. Crafted from the durable, washable material found in our original Veer sidewalls, the kit comprises two sidewalls and two complementary wheel inserts, ready to replace your standard yellow wheel inserts.

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