Violife Rockee Toothbrush - Red


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The Toothbrush that ROCKS!

Rockee rocks, wobbles, spins, and never tips over! Great for kids of all ages, this one-of-a-kind toothbrush will make you smile. It's unique rocking design means no more messy toothpaste on your counter. And since it always stands upright, Rockee dries easily and doesn't need a cup or toothbrush holder for storage.

Plus, Rockee includes 2 EXTRA brush heads in every pack!


  • Fun bright colors
  • Replaceable brush head
  • Perfectly balanced so Rockee always stands upright!
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Great for first time brushers (and for kids of ALL ages!)
  • Easier to hold than most manual toothbrushes
  • Good for arthritis or anyone who has a challenge gripping a regular toothbrush
  • Soft bristles for gentle yet effective cleaning
  • Includes Rockee toothbrush base and 2 brush heads
  • 6" tall, 1-3/4" diameter at handle
  • Soft bristle
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