Wonderfold W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon


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Age Group:
6+ Months
Wagon Weight:
55 lbs, with seats
Wagon Capacity:
200 lbs
What's included:
W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon, Two Seats, Canopy Poles and Fabric, Rear Basket, Pull Strap

Wonderfold Wagons - W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon for 2 kids

Adventure at its most convenient! Designed to make every family excursion a breeze.

  • Holds Up to 2 Passengers: Spacious enough to comfortably carry two children.
  • Extra Storage on All Sides: Equipped with storage compartments on all sides, providing ample space for all your essentials.
  • Deep Carriage with Mesh Sides: Ensures a safe and comfortable ride, with mesh sides for optimal ventilation.
  • Removable Canopy with Adjustable Fabric and Rods: Offers customizable UV protection, keeping your little ones shaded and cool.
  • Easy to Fold: Conveniently folds down for easy storage and transport.

Wonderfold W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon Features

  • High Face-to-Face Seats with Footwell: Encourages better interaction between children.
  • Front Zipper Door: Provides easy access and additional storage options.
  • Slidable/Removable Canopy with UV Protection: Adjustable canopy rods allow for flexible sun coverage.
  • Removable/Reclining Seats with Magnetic 5-Point Harness: Ensures safety and comfort, with seats that can be easily removed or reclined.
  • Adjustable Push Handle with Leather Cover: Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
  • Removable Fabric for Easy Cleaning: Simplifies maintenance and keeps the wagon looking and feeling fresh.
  • Extra Storage on All Sides: Includes a detachable rear basket, back panel pocket, and seat pouch.
  • 1-Step Foot Brake System: Provides secure stopping power.
  • Optional Strap for Pulling: Adds a versatile twist to your stroller wagon.
  • All-Terrain XL PU Tires: Ensures a smooth ride on any surface. Wonderfold can handle whatever road. 
  • Suitable for Ages 6+ Months: Designed to grow with your child, starting from 6 months old.


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