Nuna PIPA Aire RX Car Seat with RELX Base


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4-30lbs. (32 inches)
Product weight:
6.2lbs (without canopy or insert - 2.21bs)
27.25" L x 17.5" W x 23" H
What’s Included:
RELX base, additional GOTS certified inserts and harness covers, latch guides
Did you know?:
This is the lightest NUNA car seat
Why we love it:
Sky drape for privacy, RELX base w/ 4 position recline , FAA certified (with or w/o base), magnetic buckle holders for harness

Nuna Pipa Aire RX Infant Car Seat

Experience the innovative Pipa Aire RX, a cutting-edge infant car seat that seamlessly blends convenience, comfort, and safety. This meticulously crafted car seat boasts a lightweight design, ensuring effortless portability without compromising on durability. Your baby's comfort is prioritized with a plush cushioned interior, providing a cozy and secure environment during every journey.

Adapting to your on-the-go lifestyle, the Pipa Aire RX features a 4-position recline, allowing you to customize the seating position for your little one's optimal comfort. Installation is a breeze, offering flexibility with options to secure the seat using the vehicle belt or effortlessly connect it with the base.

Shield your baby from the elements with the removable UPF 50+ canopy, providing reliable sun protection during outdoor adventures. The thoughtful inclusion of an infant insert made from Merino wool adds a touch of luxury, ensuring a soft and snug fit for your newborn. What's more, the insert is completely removable, facilitating convenient cleanup for those inevitable little messes.

Safety is paramount, and the Pipa Aire RX doesn't compromise. Featuring an Anti-rebound panel, this car seat is designed to enhance safety by minimizing rebound movement in the event of an impact. Additionally, rest assured knowing that the car seat is fire-retardant (FR) free, prioritizing your baby's well-being.

Choose the Pipa Aire RX for a premium infant car seat that redefines travel comfort and safety for your precious little one.


  • True lock™ installation makes set up swift, simple and above all – safe
  • 5 second install
  • Crumple zone within the stability leg absorbs impact and minimizes force transferred to baby
  • Colored installation indicators confirm correct connections to the vehicle.
  • 4 positions on-the-fly recline
  • bubble free recline angle guides clearly confirm the perfect riding angle
  • low profile base for easier loading of infant seat
  • open belt bath for easier install
  • belt guides
  • anti rebound panel
  • automatic rigid latch storage
  • extra convenient load leg storage with lock
  • steel reinforced true lock™ rigid latch
  • 4 position adjustable rigid latch to remove or reduce the gap between vehicle seat and base
  • Locking 3 piece steel stability leg has a wide range of adjustment to fit most vehicles including middle seats
  • seat belt lock off with separate lap and belt paths
  • indicators on rigid latch turn green when clicked to vehicle anchor points
  • indicators on stability leg turn green when in proper contact with vehicle floor"


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