Philips Avent Via 8oz Refill Pack - 575


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Avent Via 8Oz Refill Pack
Reuse 3 times more!!!

Use VIA Disposable Base Refills as replacements for the bases included in VIA Kits.
VIA Disposable Bases are sterile-packed for immediate use and are ideal for on-the-go feeding and storing.
VIA bases can be packed easily and are affordable enough to throw away.
Or, you can re-sterilize the base to use up to three times. Remember to keep the adaptors and lids included in VIA Kits to use with VIA Disposable Base Refills.

Since the recyclable VIA bases are designed to be disposable, they are most effective when used no more than three times.
VIA Disposable Bases are also writable, so you can keep track of usage, record the date, or personalize with your baby's name.
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