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Via Nurser Kit

Get started with a VIA Nurser Kit when you begin bottle feeding!
Just attach the naturally shaped, Avent Anti-Colic Nipple to the disposable base using an adaptor.
Adaptors and lids included with the VIA Nurser should be kept to use with VIA Disposable Base Refills.
The recyclable VIA bases are affordable enough to throw away, or they can be re-sterilized and used up to three times.

VIA disposables are safer than liners to pack, store and re-heat, which makes the VIA Nurser more convenient for day trips or vacationing.
The VIA Nurser can be used interchangeably with the Avent Natural Feeding Bottle.
Both systems share the same naturally shaped, anti-colic nipple, so you can choose what's most convenient.

With Avent, you have flexible feeding choices to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding.
The naturally shaped nipple of the VIA Nurser encourages your baby to latch on and suckle in the same way as breastfeeding.

VIA Disposable Bases are sterile-packed, so you can use them immediately.
You can attach the Avent ISIS Breast Pump to the VIA bases with the same adaptor that attaches the nipple.
This means you can express milk into the same containers used to store and feed, preserving the valuable nutrients of your breast milk.
If you are just beginning to breastfeed, try the ISIS VIA Breast Pump Kit, which includes the clinically proven effective ISIS Breast Pump, VIA Disposable Breast Milk Storage and a VIA Nurser.
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