Wonderfold W2 Parent Console


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Any 2 seater Wonderfold wagon
Cup size:
3.25” across bottom

Wonderfold W2 Parent console cup holder  

Convenience upgrade for your Wonderfold Wagon - the Parent Console. Because parents deserve luxury too! Designed to make your outings with the family even more enjoyable, our Parent Console is packed with features to make your life easier.

  • Store Extra Belongings, Snacks, and Drinks: With ample storage space, you can now carry extra belongings, snacks, and drinks effortlessly. No need to worry about running out of supplies on your adventures.
  • Easy Attachment with Velcro Straps: Attaching the Parent Console to your Wonderfold Wagon is a breeze, thanks to the secure velcro straps. It stays in place, giving you easy access to all your essentials.
  • Covered Storage Pouch for Personal Belongings: Keep your personal items safe and organized with the covered storage pouch. From keys to wallets, everything has its place.
  • 2 Storage Pockets on the Outside: Need quick access to essentials? The two storage pockets on the outside offer convenient storage for items you need at your fingertips.
  • Removable Clutch: The removable clutch adds versatility to your Parent Console. Take it with you when you need to grab essentials on the go, or leave it attached for easy access.
  • Storage for Wet Wipes with Compartment Under Clutch: Say goodbye to digging around for wet wipes! The dedicated compartment under the clutch ensures easy access whenever you need them.
  • Insulated Cup Holders: Keep your drinks nice and cool, even on the hottest summer days, with our insulated cup holders. Enjoy refreshing beverages wherever you go.
  • Removable Shoulder Strap for Easy Transportation: Need to carry your Parent Console separately? No problem! The removable shoulder strap makes transportation a breeze.

Compatible with any 2-Seater Wonderfold Wagon, it's the perfect addition for busy parents on the go. Whether you're heading to the park, beach, or just taking a stroll around the neighborhood, make sure you have everything you need within arm's reach.

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